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This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







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Todd Dixon says:

I teach this game. I must tell you. That is the best explanation I have ever seen and heard ! I tell my students the same. Keep the Truth coming! I wish you well. Thanks

T-Rump says:

Great video. Is the takeaway motion the same with all clubs? From wedge to driver?

Jay Scott says:

Proper wrist hinge just happens naturaly as part of good movement, you don't need to think about it or do it on purpose. If you do, you aren't playing to your full potential. No homo sapien ever used a tool or threw something and thought about wrist cock. If you're intentionally cocking your wrists, you're manipulating positions. Good luck with that.

Dan Martin says:

No one does it better. Thank You for the best videos on YouTube. Subscribed!

kofblz says:

Sorry but you didn't give the "proper" anything, just a general overview of the wrist hinge. A waste of time.

jacob belmontes says:

How come this video tutorial didnt address the correct time to rehinge hands during downward portion of golf swing? Well anyways, that's why I voted thumbs down.

James Klapp says:

Thanks, Adam! The “slight handle pressure” explanation is really great and helped me a lot!

Al James says:

Hey. Great video thank you. I found it as I have a huge problem destroying my golf. I have what I feel is a textbook practise backswing. Yet when I go to swing at the ball I go back flat only a quarter and barely hit it most of the time. This is the same for every real golf shot I hit for a very long time. Obviously something going on in my head (yes shoot me I hear you say!!). It’s killing me to the point of wanting to give up forever. Can you please offer any insights or tips on how to get out of this mindset and hit it as if it were my practise swing? Here’s a private video of me last week. I hope to hear from you. Thanks. Al

Obus says:

I'm confused with the natural vertical wrist motion (demonstrated at 5:42). If I conscientiously hinge my wrists this way while rotating through the backswing it creates this opposing movement with the clubshaft/clubhead moving above the plane. To me it seems the arms and wrists usually rotate to the right even without turning the body. Both methods seem to produce good shots however. Thanks for the video.

Challis Raider says:

Best golf instruction on you tube. Bar none.

Daniel Cooperider says:


BigRon says:

No. Thank you so much for your time my games improving massively.

Pradumn srivastava says:

please upload your videos on IGTV too.

Don R. Mueller, Ph.D. says:

It's called dorsi-flexion (with a pronated or neutral wrist). It results from inertia on the backswing.

William Griffin says:

Great info Mr A. I'm an A-Swinger and you cleared up something for me, which I thought was Swing Anxiety, its not using the core & proper hinge.

William Wilson says:

Yet another excellent video – thanks!

Peter says:

New sub here and that was a totally useless lesson for me unlike your other videos…. but I guess for what I payed, I should not complain

Lionel MO says:

The best video on wrist hinge and extremely well explained as usual.

Bill Pettit says:

Adam is the best, so clear and on point. This may be the best lesson I've found, quickly resulted in more solid ball striking, more distance, better trajectory on full shots. Thank you!

Thomas Fraser says:

Hi again Adam. I believe the main reason how many amateurs bring the club head too much inside is because they used both hands to cock the handle of the club. The fact is the the lead hand is the only hand that ever should hinge or cock during a backswing. It then naturally bends or dorsiflexes the trail hand. This is what I call the natural oppositional movement of the hands in a golf swing. The top of the swing then should always start with the unhinging of the lead hand which then allows the trail hand to bend the other way. Thanks for reading.

Mr Singh says:

I find my strike is better and less heavy when my wrists are hinged to the Max and the handle is pointing away from the target- is this normal?

Joely says:

This works great for my short clubs but driver and three wood seem weak and right.
Any advice?

Freedom Rules says:

Comparing a wrist angle between someone hitting a driver to someone hit an iron..?

alan carlyon says:

Hi Adam, great explanation of the wrist cocking, but no mention of the wrist bowing, surely this must be used if requiring power to the ball!

Don Holmes says:

Go to minute begin 8 for when he finally gets around to telling you what you might want to do.

bascet1 says:

Are you English? Suppose that's called a mid Atlantic accent? Great vids and tips.

Dan Carney says:

After all that his final words were "sort it out for yourself…"

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