Pros Vs. Amateurs – The Differences in their Golf Swings

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In this video, we take a look at some of the primary differences between a PGA Tour player and a typical amateur golfer.

Are you doing some of these things in your golf swing? What are your weak areas compared to the pros?

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starflash08 says:

Thanks Steve, basic setup reminders are crucial, I sore this in the old golden bear video, jack stresses this also, and really does correct some bad habits we tend to fall into, keep them coming love your channel

Roger Smith says:

hope you dont mind but what is the best way to clear lead hip roger

Roger Smith says:

just brilliant teaching any advice on staying behind ball roger

Seamus Toomey says:

Gold dust, , would love to have a balanced finish but something is awry with my swing cause I’m always off balance. I hit a lot of hooks and blocks with driver but still manage a 4 hcap. Would love to get to 2. Thanks for your help today

Matt Bonneville says:

The difference between the pros and amateurs is about 3.7 light years.

Overhand Golf Channel says:

Steve, do they use real golf balls at that range? Westlake recently switched to limited flight balls that feel like rocks. I absolutely hate hitting limited flight balls.

Jeffrey Tabourne says:

Steve I think the best part of the Austin swing is you are chasing/guessing as to what the power source is… so i can relax over shots and I am know I am not goose anything. Every ball I hit is solid. I am working now on rolling left arm/bend through the release. In that effort I was shocked the ball didn’t hook. It goes dead straight and if anything it has tighten up my ball flight. Thanks again for the wonderful videos.

Ju XXX says:

since I watch and practice your videos my Golf improved a lot and it makes more fun. Thanks a lot Steve !!! Greetings from Germany

Crisbatero says:

Seriously? ohhhh, i´m a 15 handicapper here in Argentina, but i was packing my stuff to go there and try my luck on the PGA….since i´ve watched this……very disappointed….ha ha.

gatesmw50 says:

To begin with, the pros play and practice way more than we do. They also can control the distance on their irons better than we do.

Yogesh Bhise says:

Brilliant!!! Thanks Steve..

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