[PROS vs. AMS] | Create LAG In Your Golf Swing

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Lag is one of those topics that give a lot of golfers A LOT of fits.

The pros make it look SO EASY.

BUT what you don't realize is that they're utilizing techniques that most golfers aren't which helps them create that nice, compressed shot.

We're going to share the 2 KEY elements that will help you create lag next time that you step on the golf course.

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Athletic Motion Golf says:

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Oahu Junior Golf Association Channel says:

As always awesome. And as always wondering how driver would be a bit different. With driver would the pros hands. W a little closer to where the ams hands are for irons. Therefore less shaft lean with driver for the pro?

1cleandude says:

Can’t wait to get home and start working on this! Thanks so much for your time and expertise!🙏🙏🙏

Mark Huru says:

I have a concept that creates the magic force at impact, I believe it’s all timing, it’s as if the very butt end of the club and left hand actually stops or slows up to let the right hand lever the club, the hands have to be out front , it’s the shaft flexing and springing toward ball. That’s why the best at impact have their hands so far past center as the club head catches up. It’s this spring lever effect culminated with fast delivery that increases speed.

frank pandolfi says:

I didn't really understand the lead arm abduction part. Are you saying that the lead arm is simply farther away from the chest on the downswing?

Cubfan69 Kmz says:

Mike, is that left arm coming off the chest into impact something that happens naturally in a good swing or is it something that can be worked on?

Eat, Pray, Breathe, Run says:

I like the video. Do you think this is tied to the feel of keeping the hands in front of the chest and pushing away? When that is my thought, I tend to keep the left arm from crossing over.

BBenson says:

Tell me how I stop slicing after this video lol absolutely insane and great info.

Trumpet.biz says:

This video helped me fix my early extension. I had my left arm WAY across my chest. By keeping my hands more in front of my chest, it shortened my backswing, allowed me to release the club later, and get the shaft lean and compression I've been wanting. Thank you !

bld * says:

This is startling. So the initial 90° angle results from the shoulder being turned inward. Then the pros keep their hands in front of them by turning the shoulders an extreme amount after fully turning their hips. I assume I have that right… Absolutely fantastic video, I've shared it with several people. Might sign up for the paid stuff!

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