Pulsar 220,Yamaha R15,Apache RTR 180,Yamaha FZ Stunts [STUNT ADDICTION Edition By X-Level Stunterz]

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Stunt Iz Our Blood And Byk Iz Our LOve….
For Us Stunt Is A Way Of Life….
Bike Stunting is something that most peoples
will never understand.
Its not just a sport or
something to do on Saturday night and
Its a way of life..
Once your in it,
its in your blood.
Once you make your first
run,You cant stop.
The practice place is
home away from home.
You smell that fuel,
rubber and when you hear those engines
its music to your ears.
Also the
love of the stunting famly……

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Saikat Mridha says:

Hi brothers, I’ve one humble request to all of you.
Please do wear at least a helmet for any of the stunts you perform and also
teach the same to other bikers you know. Because one small accident can
ruin all your dreams for your entire life.
I don’t perform stunts but I do touring on my Pulsar 220 with proper gears.
And I love all the bikers as we are brothers.

Mirza Belal says:

nice video..a proper music..well done

gopi chowdary says:

awesome ridersss………..

sudesh shastry says:

super edit man………..!

Thambu Rj says:

Friend’s I like to join you i like Racing Because of Paul walker My
Contact No:8508203903 

Saikat Mridha says:

Oh by the way forgot to mention, nice effort brothers. Those stunts were
very good.

sindhu sree says:

i also like stunts and bike racings buddy this is my contact no 8885155617
can i join with u buddy 

nelloreryderzclub NRC says:

Good Keep goin…………

sindhu sree says:

hi friends this is rohith i like stunts dude i want to join with u this is
my no 9032189222

Umesh Kumar says:

Here We Go With The Thundering Performances by The Team X-Level….Hav a
Luk At This….Hope U really It…

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