Pure Your Irons With These 3 Ball Striking Secrets – Every Move EXPLAINED!

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In this video we give you 3 of our best tips to hit the ball followed by the turf and pure your irons on a more consistent basis!

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Meandmygolf says:

If you have a question about your game and want us to do a video about it. Let us know below and we will select one. 👍🏻

Stephen Scully says:

Excellent explanation!

Ashan Lingam says:

Top notch quality video lads! Thank you great content

Jon Foster says:

How long are you guys going to be working from the Grand?

Luca Garcez says:

Hey guys, thanks so much for all the amazing content. I struggle with hitting my irons thin which results in a low ball flight majority of the time. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated!

steffen Andersen Sahl says:

This is a really great video! As someone being fairly new to golf, concentrating on these 3 things has helped me a lot so far.

Alex Campbell says:

Awesome video!

jky21 says:

you guys in SD now! that's awesome hope to run into you guys!

Matt Ingram says:

My man Piers got to California and got hooked up with a badass barber! Beard is looking clean chap!

Jim Saddler says:

Great video guys! Thanks for the tip! Struggling with my irons a bit recently and realize now I was breaking my wrist too early in the backswing! Glad to have you now in The States! Enjoy the weather!

Howard Bolden says:

Another great video. How do I get that striker towel?

Jeff C says:

Great tips as usual! Thanks.

Jeffery Gibson says:

I’ve been trying to get more of an upward attack angle when hitting driver, but doing so I find myself putting more pressure on my back foot, causing me to hit the ground before hitting the ball. Any tips or drills to remedy this?

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