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Michael Breed shares three things you can learn from Rickie Fowler when it comes to putting. Watch more from The Golf Fix here: http://bit.ly/1L1QPci

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Jason Nortwich says:

Lol the green around the hole is a funnel and drops every shot even when he misses.

Liam Mcdevitt says:

One of the putts missed by 3 or 4 inches and still magically fell in…stop will ya

tchwiss says:

Why are you shouting?

Sean M says:

Granted they weren’t particularly lengthy putts, but Mike just made 14 putts in 14 attempts. I wish my club greens keeper would create that “funnel” at my course.

Michael C says:

Looked like you were pulling most of those..

jdk0777 says:

This is a great informational video. It's also great that every putt funnels into the hole.

Imo Etuk says:

Very interesting video. Could u please elaborate on setting to putter at 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock. My understanding is that you close the putter Slightly and hit the ball to the right. Hope this helps with my putting.

Peter Meiwaku says:

this is a great and helpful video, and its surprising how when he missed left or right the ball curved in the hole. hahah. loved it. make your Episodes available on NETFLIXs !!

mesillahills says:

This is seriously good instruction at the level only touring pros seem to get. But you have to know a bit about putting. I have always wondered why Tiger allows the blade to close down, which he clearly does. I've even asked others about that. Now I know why. This compensates for the rotation caused by putter blade lift on a tilted plane. The alternative is Dave Stockton's always LOW stroke, but this is much easier and makes more sense. Trust me this works if you understand that the blade rotation here is that caused by lift on the tilted plane only. And as much as I hate to admit it, Johnny Miller has been right on golf telecasts. The putter blade does close, but that closing in compensated for by the "one o'clock" move as described. Only took me about 5 minutes to "get it".

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