Putting Basics: Learning How to Putt in Golf

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So, What is putting? Learn how to putt.

The ability to putt well can feel like the difference between making it and breaking it in the game of golf. It is, after all, where the majority of strokes are taken. That being the case, it’s very important to know how to putt–and how to putt well.

Many golfers know that small variations in a putting swing can have large consequences on the course. However, there are a few things golfers can focus on to help improve the consistency of their putting, which can in turn help shave off a few strokes from their overall game.

By definition, putting includes any strokes made on (or very close to) the green. Golfers use a club called the putter specifically for this type of finesse shot. Putting focuses more on gently encouraging the ball across the green and into the hole, whereas a driver shot involves much more power through the ball.

Golfers adjust their distance control for how to putt based on how far from the hole they are — whether they’re in the rough or on the green.

The most important thing to do to make a good putting stroke and how to putt is to have the proper setup.

While golfers tend to have varying definitions of what a good putting setup looks like, there are a few key factors that lead to a consistent putting stroke. The first ingredient for a good putting setup is level shoulders.

The putting motion is a pendulum motion. The angle of the shoulders sets the pendulum into motion, so it is important to make sure that the shoulders are level. If the trail shoulder — the right shoulder for right-handed golfers — is lower than the lead shoulder, the putter will always swing low to high, and that doesn’t lead to good contact with the ball. Making sure the shoulders are level allows for consistent contact with the ball.

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Frank McKenzie says:

Good thought technique.. unfortunately i live in Scotland where in the winter the greens ar'nt always the best so we have to hit a tad harder, but as i said good thought technique would like more info on where the eyes sit in the process

Bob Sloan says:

I think your look away drill is the worst! Tried it and I became a worst putter. Just keep your to where the ball was works mush better.

thecragus says:

I couldn't agree with you more. I wasted too many seasons trying to accelerate throught the ball. It never felt natural. Having an even tempo back/forward is the way to go!

Terry Holloway says:

Putting is whole nother animal I’ve seen people make 15 ft rs all day long two feet from the hole they can’t make one if you know the secret please let me know

Terry Holloway says:

I seem to putt better when I hold everything still and listen for the putt to fall wish I was better I took a lesson once we were 8 feet from the hole I tossed 6 in the hole 7 th one hit flag stick and verd off pro said damnest thing he had seen he couldn’t do that must be in my head lol hope I learn before I drop

Shawna Gunn says:

Is it acceptable to use one hand to putt? I move my chest when I use 2 hands. Keep in mind women have boobs. Some of us have more in way than others. I ask this bc it is embarrassing to mention to the golf pro I am taking lessons from. Not sure how to keep it professional.

Stuart Barclay says:

As always great content.

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