PuttOUT – Golf Pressure Putt Training Aid

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The Pressure Putt Trainer is a scientifically shaped target which rejects bad putts and returns good ones!

Take the reps challenge to improve your putting and build confidence. Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed – great feedback for getting the pace just right.

Challenge others to make the perfect putt; click the disc to open the micro target, the ball must hold to win.

PuttOUT is a quality product made from chunky rubber and translucent plastic. It is designed to be folded to fit into your golf bag.

Practice anytime, anywhere; on carpet or green and get used to holing pressure putts.



Tristan Hughes says:

Looks great

mulleryiphone says:

I own this, purchase during lock down… Good tool would highly recommend

John Rose says:

Silly question but if it doesn't stick in the small target whole, does that mean the putt missed?

Quattro 4 says:

I think ill 3d print mine.

Chris Daly says:

This is the best putting practice device I’ve ever used, my putting has improved massively, it’s so easy to use. I’ve gone from 6.7 to 4.8 handicap just this year with just 10-15 minutes practice almost every day.

Richard Stromquist says:

This is the stupidest video of all time… get to the point

Paulsicles says:

Why is the guy using a kids putter?!

This Iz CLE says:

Considering I've been in the house 2 weeks straight I should probably have this

Theo Huioiesin says:

Changed my life!
I have two just because they look nice. And the Matt and mirror ❤️

Mike B says:

Holy crap. I bough the Putt Out and the mat at my local 'big box' golf store $200 freakin' dollars including tax. I better start putting like Rain Man for that kind of money.

Dzeljana Pusiga says:

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vuckovic zvonko says:

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Joel Peart says:

If Marty wasn't a millionaire before, he will be now! Well done sir

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