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A few months ago, GolfWRX Members voted for the three irons they most wanted to see tested head-to-head. The winners were: PXG 0311T, Mizuno MP-5 and Titleist 716 AP2. Today, the results of my test are in.

I do a lot of these head-to-head equipment test videos on my YouTube Channel, but for this video I stepped it up. Each of the three irons were tested with the same shafts of the exact same length, and all the clubs had the same grips, lofts, lies and swing weights. I visited my friends at TourX Golf http://www.tourxgolf.co.uk/ to have all the clubs professionally made.

Make sure to watch the video and vote for the three irons you want to see me test in my next video. As always, post your comments and questions below.

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Matt French says:

If yah take into account the standard deviation tho there is no difference between any of the club's on any measure. Any difference is due to chance/Rick's delivery

Jake Johnston says:

When the data is this close it would seem almost insignificant as to which club is best. So feel and consistency would be the main factors in choosing one and in my mind the Mizuno actually has the tightest grouping and all 3 feel superb…….

Mark Arnold says:

The most important thing to consider for the posters below that isn't mentioned here is which club can YOU hit the most consistently.  Rick is a great golfer and very constant and it shows up on how many times he centers the strike.  Rick can't hit offset clubs because he hooks them, most on here would probably benefit from that.

This video shows that if you center these they perform pretty close to each other.  You need to hit each of these yourself and see which model you center the most.  If you're a tour quality player then it really doesn't matter much.  i have also learned there is no fanboi like a Mizuno fanboys evidently.  I just turned in my Mizunos for some Callaway Apex and love them.

fabby8000 says:

Does this not show that if you have the same loft and same shaft you end up with very similar shots within the margin of error?

Adam Thomas says:

If anything, I think this video talked me out of getting the PXGs. Still undecided but thanks Rick for possibly saving me a few thousand bucks!

Savanna May says:

Also curious if you think bending the MP5 2-strong would have any playability affects?

Savanna May says:

Wouldn't the MP5 be a better comparison with the Titleist MB or at least CB. Seems like the AP2 would compare more with the MP25 or even JPX 900 F

Jerry Errigo says:

PXG are an iron that performs for those who aren't concerned with price. I respect the other OEM's as I've played both for ironically for the past 15 years. If you don't like the price of PXG's products, don't buy them. For those who aren't concerned, you will notice a difference, and would not give my PXG's up for any iron at this point as fit to me have given best results. Period. To each is own on how they spend their money on their hobby's. To many other examples to compare products that perform slightly better priced much higher. So not even gonna go there. But will tell you there will be no disappointment purchasing PXG irons.

Steve Odessa says:

Great video thanks for the data. Tons of assholes in the comment section.

Brian Banks says:

since all the numbers were nearly identical, wouldn't you go by how the ball felt off the club????

Christopher LaFreniere says:

Could you do this with hits off toe and heal.

Bryan Harding says:

Goes to show there is not much difference between $1400 irons and $4000 irons.

lilly bloom says:

This shows what a myth it is to claim that the heavily backed club are so much better than blades. It's nothing but a sales gimmick, obviously!

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