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Here I chat to Luke Sutton and other TaylorMade tech heads about my quest for 350 yards and get myself a custom built R15 Driver!

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Here I chat to Luke Sutton and other TaylorMade tech heads about my quest
for 350 yards and get myself a custom built R15 Driver!

Peter D says:

Good luck mate, looks like you’re well on your way with an evil stick like

Michael Rolton says:

Another fascinating insight, thanks Peter. Sadly, as we all know, shaft
makes little difference, or does it? I hope the new stick works for you and
I look forward to seeing the results.

Tony Pate says:

Any reason why you don’t go for one of the long drive clubs, Krank or Geek
perhaps? the lower loft and longer shaft length should put you right up
there near 350 instantly?

Clay Fleming says:

Once you have had some time with this I would love to see a comparison
covering perfectly struck shots as well as off center strikes.

My guess is with the 430 head this may spin less on center strikes and
provide more distance when working on long drive only, but in my experience
the Titleist is more forgiving and a better gamer.

Richard Walker says:

Nice video sir. Quick question though. When are the course blogs from
Orlando going up? You keep teasing them but we haven’t gotten to see them

butette says:

All that custom fitting resulted in pretty wild driving in Orlando :)

Petri Keskitalo says:

That’s great. You should do a video comparison wth your new shaft and a
stock x shaft.
And also list specs of your new weapon.
Maybe do a video of shafts with different torque rating and see how they
effect the result

SuperJupiter33 says:

peter …tell rick to stop giving you the thumbs down …

Lee Doodson Golf says:

Boom looking forward to this,would love to hit over 300 not 350 as most i
can get is 285 🙁 look forward to updates Mr Finch 

Eric Scott says:

Great video! I hope the new club will work great!

Richard Brooks says:

what is the best setting for the weights? Are they set in the neutral

brendan lynch says:

great stuff pet . with a 320 carry are you nearly there with roll out 

Mark Dean says:

Morning! Are you doing any specific training in the gym for your 350 quest?

WoodyLongbone says:

Lol. Foxy driver. Good hunting!

Jake Corben Golf says:

Could you do a comparison video between your titleist 915 and and your new
r15 driver swinging at your max club head speed? would be interesting to
compare the two :)

L. SH says:

Good luck Pete. Will be watching!

Super1Matt1 says:

so how long is the club now?

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