QUEST FOR THE OPEN 2017 REVIEW + Will I try again for 2018?

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QUEST FOR THE OPEN 2017 REVIEW + Will I try again for 2018?


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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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Lee Davies says:

wbunce is a pull through

wbuncewb says:

hi Peter hope it all goes well for you just need a little advice on my back swing sock control getting full on the back swing finding it hard to release on the pot on the pull through can you help

Lee Davies says:

Ok I believe you ?and I got to be honest your swing is the best on all of the YouTube's golf channels ??

Tom Blake says:

Would have been so great to have video of the round. Look fwd to you having another go next year.

Lee Davies says:

sorry but how are you never playing any comps then or on the tv playing Rick Carter and Ian Wright doesn't make you a golf pro

ross johnstone says:

you need to qualify for 2018 its in carnoustie. i live in the next town over so i can come watch

Andrew Leppien says:

Pete its been an absolute pleasure following you on your journey, bring on next year!!

Ryan Lovie says:

Hey Pete can u start vlogging everyday

Mike McNulty says:

Shame you didn't manage to qualify but good on you for already deciding to go again next year. And the most important thing is that you genuinely enjoyed the experience. Keep it up.

Duffy Moon says:

Please please please try to qualify again next year Pete. It's fascinating to watch the process and makes great viewing. Thanks.

Carol Collins says:

hi Peter. could I just take this opportunity to thank you and Rick for renewing my interest in golf after giving up 5years ago. I now play with a smile and not taking everything so serious. once again thank you. Trev Durham.

john donohoe says:

Good luck in your quest for 2018 Peter. I'll be watching and also learning from you. Great content.

Julian Roberts says:

So glad you're going for it again next year Pete. Well said about not having ambitions to be a tour pro, not sure all your followers got that. It was a remarkable effort considering you work long hrs just providing video's for us. on a personal note i was a bit dissapointed you didnt get through as i jad planned to travel up to watch you in the next round. At least i can come and watch next year now.

Raven Fuentes says:

Pete, I enjoy all your videos and truly hope you don't give up on your quest….

Michael Scott says:

And thanks to you and Rick for letting us enjoy the ride with you!

Michael Scott says:

Pete, I'd like to re-assert that you should research and try using a small dose of totally natural melatonin supplements To Help you get good rest leading up to and during rough sleep periods.

Tony Westwell says:

Thank you for sharing all that you go through, it is a tantalizing dream qualification for The Open, keep dreaming Pete and reaching for it, its a great example to us all.

K4crasher says:

Very well done anyway, Pete. "Better to try and fail than do nothing and succeed".

Gavin and Jack Tucker says:

Hi Pete, good on you for having a crack. You have really helped my game, I work and have a family and by the time the weekend rolls around I only have time for 9 holes. You inspired me with your quest and I am working hard to become a scratch player. I have a battle board and work hard on my fitness. This year I have been maintaining a single digit handicap and shooting 1 or 2 over par for my 9 holes. Thanks for all your help, keep up the great work and good luck with the quest for next year.

Sam Kim says:

Loved your effort and your journey through out Pete. the fact that you were nervous and all in the beginning simply tells that you wanted it so much. Cheers!

lee ray says:

I think this series shows just how good the pros are and how hard it can be to improve whilst having a life! Great work Pete!

Craig Sullivan says:

Hi Pete; thanks for sharing your journey and I really enjoy your approach to improving your game. I would encourage you to try a product called a 'wrist widget'. It won't impact on your swing and will help with your apparent TFCC injury/tendinopathy. This product has helped a number of my patients and will hopefully allow for some more full swing pain free range sessions.

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