Quest For The Open – 2019 Qualifying Round

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In this video I look back at the 2019 regional qualifier for The Open at Royal Portrush. The qualifier took place at West Lancs Golf Club and took a lot out of me emotionally and physically.

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Corek BleedingHollow says:

How far did you make it? What's the process of qualifying for the Open?

Paul Anthony says:

Hey Pete I think you are getting better every year. Big fan of yours for years. I feel you should be playing more tournaments this coming year. It would also make for some great yt content. As well as giving you the confidence for next years qualifier. Thanks Pete for all you do, good luck brother.

Patrick Walters says:

Congrats on a great Journey, Pete! Been watching your videos since early course vlog days with Rick and I've definitely taken things you do well and put them into my game. The tempo of your swing (especially the take away) is something I still try to model mine after and I have faith that you will crack the code on The Open very soon!!!

Topbloke Golf Vlogs says:

If you have trouble sleeping just watch ‘one of your videos, does wonders for most people ?

Stefan Franczuk says:

It’s such a mental game Pete. I can’t speak for Golf, but I often couldn’t sleep the night before an important work meeting. Consider meditation, it really helps. I was a total sceptic but it definitely helped me

JustGolfSwing says:

Oh man. That sucks that u didn't even come close. Out of all the golfers on YouTube you may be the only one who had a small chance.
It's never gonna be a YouTube fairy tale ending!
Not enough practice with other important commitments like the job you do, m guessing?
Life is tough. Hard balance?

Gristow3 says:

Never give up on your dream.

ben wyatt says:

what app do you use for traxking your stats

Steve Kent says:

If you suffer from nerves, don’t bother with filming yourself during the competition.

Just concentrate on your goal and that’s to post the best score you can on the day. I think your subscribers would be happy for you if you qualified but couldn’t care less if you had no footage to show us.

Do yourself a favour and be selfish when you need to be selfish.

Donald Dopp says:

Pete, when you are out there in competition can you just play or are you always thinking about our stroke/swing?

Mr Q says:

What it’s shown me is that even for the very best, golf is hard. The goal when I play then should be to do my best but not to expect too much so that I can enjoy the game. Love a great putt in a bad round, that awesome approach from 200 yards, a striped tee shot on a nemesis hole. The final score isn’t what the game is about for me anymore, it’s about the chance to release some effort, energy even, back into myself.

Swift chopper says:

Your swing isn't good enough. Start again.

James Harvey says:

I see you played with Richard James.. he's from m new club Aberdovey, a lovely Welsh links track! You should play a money match with Richard round Aberdovey!

paws057 says:

OkayI just found your channel today. Sorry to hear you missed the cut but please understand that most of us golfers would love to be able to play as you do already! To shoot +2 from the back tees at that course is pretty damn good and most of us would give up a lot to be able to do that. Nerves and emotions are always hard to control and we are the hardest critics of ourselves. It's a tuff game and we are always working on something it seems. There is always next year, just keep up the work and it will pay off for you!:)

Paul Robert says:

Hold up. Were you playing with Lee Westwood and Russell Knox? If not, it was their doppelgängers

Malcolm A. says:

Very informative vlog Peter; love your honesty about what went right / wrong on the day. Gutted you didn't get through but impressed with your commitment to try to qualify, and appreciative of what you pass onto us, your subscribers.
Stenson / Molinari. #KeepPushing

TPG says:

Sorry to hear that 2019s quest has finished.
I think the quest for the open series is the best golf content on Youtube. I find your open and honest look at your own game to be very helpful. It allows us hackers to feel better about our own game, given most of us, might be lucky to get 9 holes in per week. Its a tough game! Onwards and Upwards Pete, 2020. Cheers from Australia

Robert Graham says:

Golf is hard .your still the skills challange champion of the world. Keep the heid up

Neil Cavendish says:

Sorry you didn't get through qualifying, I know you have an army of fans wishing it to happen. You definitely have the game to do it, it just needs to be your time, chin up!

Joe Gut says:

Keep your head up, Pete. And thank you for videos like this as always. So inspiring and fun to watch.

Chris Roberson says:

Peter, first really enjoy the channel. Some would say if you’re trying to do two things really well both will suffer, versus focusing on one. That said I think that’s what makes your channel/story so great. And like you say they do go hand in hand. I’ve always played a little golf but as I get older and play more I have enjoyed it more because of the likes of you, and Rick, etc… We, your fans, live vicariously through your quest and learn a little more as you live it and learn it. You though have to put in the hours and sweat equity and we appreciate you for it. Keep up all the good work and keep striving forThe Open. When it happens it will be all the sweeter and your digital fans will yell in our living rooms.

Keef Newman says:

Your channel is just the tonic for me when I`m feeling down about my golf. Please keep the great content coming, its very much appreciated!

Duckaholic Doug says:

A good hypnotherapist could help those nervy yips pre competition, go away. No I am not one . We see may pros on tour today, using visualization anchors.

After watching 90% of your game vlogs, we've all you Peter drop awesome putts. Putting seems the area that more focus in practice may be the key to get you in The Open. Cheers Mate, best of luck!

Golfer says:

Time to pack in this series, it’s been flogged to death now.

johnathonlloydcook says:

Have you tried cbd oil?

Richard Rauhecker says:

STFU and get on with it

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