Quick fix? | Golf Talk | Episode 13

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Jesper says:

It is Good to see that shorten the swing and hit punch shots is a Good way to training the swing ?! I have been practicing s and t for a month now. Tomorrow back to the practice tee, to practice more ?️‍♂️?

Charles Pittman says:

I stumbled on to stack and tilt by accident on vacation, it was what was taught at the resort. I feel like the S&T swing is a quick fix in a way because it gets a person hitting the ground after the ball pretty quickly. As in the book where it talks about learning the basics in 30 min.

themagicwislon says:

Nick – I went with S&T earlier this year and have come down from 5 to 3 in 3 months. Keeping the weight left has stopped my swaying and moving off the ball. How long did it take you to see results and have you seen quick results for your students who have changed to S&T?

Roy Gilley says:

Nick, how do you get students to hit the ground target side of the ball? Get them to focus on a spot a few inches target side of the ball?

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