R15 Driver Tour Testing: Justin Rose

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Logan Edwards says:

I love Justin Rose, such a down to earth person, that actually gives

Sean Lee says:

Another driver that goes further .. if TaylorMade has been right we should
be hitting 800 yards by now.

spookyfish says:

Would be interesting to see the SLDR Player Testing video for Justin Rose
to compare the numbers

PingDrv00 says:

I am hoping good things, have been waiting for something worth while to
beat my RBZ Tour. It is the only TM product in the bag at this point, let’s
hope R15 is something special.

cgasucks says:

Same old..same old…

Liam Doherty says:

35+ plus yards on roll, my sack

xtremerollin says:

I want to know what that aero burner is all about on your hats. 

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