RADSPEED vs. G410LST // P770 vs. T100s vs. ZX5 // LIVE Equipment Testing

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Icemanzacw says:

Srixon ZX7 vs Titleist T100S.

Stock surprisingly same lofts other than 9 and Wedge.

Jim Naz says:

why isn't matty on the tour?

Harold Augustyniak says:

You guys are great I watch your Videos for hours wish you in the states

Philip Palmer says:

Matt, this is an incredible hour of a ball striking clinic. Fantastic !!! Thank you for a great video

Thomas Wrigley says:

Haha Ian's golf knowledge much better than his football knowledge… United thrashed Leeds 6 – 2 last time out. We are definitely not boring to watch as we are carp at the back but decent going forward. We have won so many games coming from behind this season already… not dot cotton but not good for blood pressure ?

Benny Harris says:

might want to alter the title bro

Joseph D'Angelo says:

JPX 921 Tour v. Srixon ZX7 v. Taylormade P7MC

birTeegolftees says:

Thanks guys for using my tees! I actually invented them for the Golf Course to make teeing off Easy, Fast & Consistent, especially for when the ground is Hard or even Frozen, which is why they are perfect for Golf Simulators. You are right and there are 8 sizes: from, 1/4 inch to 2 inches by 1/4 inch increments. Available in 9 colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow & White. Some Brands of Simulators work better with the darker colors, while others can use any color, more info about the best colors on my website. Available as the 8Pack or Individual Sizes Packs. For more info you can go to: http://www.BirTeeGolf.com Thanks so much guys and Happy Holidays! Mario

Kevyn Nightingale says:

I wasn't able to watch this live, but I don't miss a video. Good job lads. Congratulations.

Peter Dimos says:

Great video. So honest. Respect.
Love to know why you never review kbs shafts.

Eugene Lee says:

Guys, see that you love the Zx5. But curious if you think if it’s that much of an improvement over the z585 to switch.

Doron Neuhaus says:

On the celebration of your anniversary, I'll join you in a Macallan 18. Other than my wife and kids, golf and single malt whisky are the other 2 loves of my life. I'm more an Islay and Campbelltown boy, but the Macallan always has a place.
Love the channel and watch pretty much every single video you guys produce. Creates much chat in my regular Sunday game with another fan from South Africa.

Jarrat says:

Hope you guys get to the Taylormade Launch as per previous years, access to top players etc…. I think even world top 10 players would have a good level of respect for your knowledge. Would love to see Matt driving against that level of player.

Sam Moraleda says:

I'd like to recommend Syndicate 58/6 Reserve Cask Release. My groomsman gave it to me for my wedding and it was great!


Dusty Drum says:

You said it best…You guys are Good Team. Best YouTube channel

Mark Upton says:

Can we trade a bourbon run from KY for an iron fitting?

Mike Carlson says:

Thanks for the chance to win and have a great Christmas and New Years!

Craig Bailey says:

bummer I didnt get to see the live stream, but loved the shoutout to Pittsburgh! Oakmont is around the corner and I drive by the second hole all the time. Had to laugh when you said its a nice day in Pittsburgh… when we currently have 9-10 inches of snow. lol. great show gents and Happy Anniversary!

Matt Aamold says:

I have the T100s and I just put Modus 105s in them, very nice combination!

dabaumga says:

Ian gave me the GD tour AD XC 6X recommendation during a live chat a while back. Best shaft I have ever hit.

Kris Tremblay says:

happy annirversary to your comp

Michael Ackley says:

Matty you need to try Eligh Craig small batch and full proof and Knob Creek 120 proof are best bang for buck. I've been to Kentucky tasting for we and have tried everything including Pappys and William Larue Weller. Can have great discussion with you any time.

Eric Herring says:

explain shallow vs. Steep.

whogg0521 says:

Jefferson Reserve, Red Roses Single Barrel, and Blanton's……tasty Bourbons, Matty

whogg0521 says:

Just started watching. I could see the glean in Ian's eye when Matty sat down the Scotch and Ian gave it a lingering stare…hahahha

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