Rare Footage of Tiger Woods Golf Swing in 2000

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Steve Jamieson says:

Thanks for the post

Ryan Books says:

did he hit a draw predominantly in 2000?

tonystark171 says:

Hey, starting playing with the Y Shape by Phil Hurrely. Think I’ll cross
this video look with his idea. Helped a lot with with my pitching/chipping
today. Have u heard of him …. In your circle?

Andrew Park says:

Hi Matt, I have the original tape of that footage and more. I was working
at Warwick Hills CC in the summers at the time before I returned to work
for Leadbetter again at ChampionsGate. I have all the swings he made that
day. This footage was taken on the Pro-am day with Butch was walking around
with him. I totally agree with you as to why would he change this near
perfect swing. I do have the footage of that day where he was making the
layoff practice swings that he did so much with Haney. Butch seemed
disinterested and I believe this is where their fall out started. Tiger was
incorporating some of Haney’s opinion through O’Meara’s as to how to get
club on line and no longer across. Pretty sad about that change when he had
his best year ever. Who knows how many majors he would have now? Andrew. 

tonystark171 says:

Great Videos for check points, on my own swing. His hip movement is

Matt Holman Golf says:

What do you think of Tigers swing in 2000?

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