Rating Tiger Woods' Champions Dinner Choices – Golficity TWIG // January 10th, 2020

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On this week's episode of Golficity TWIG we're talking about Rickie's Hawaii look, Tiger's Champions Dinner choices, the Trick Shot of the Week, and a Ryder Cup edition of Mail Bag!


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Andy LaCombe says:

Damn nice show guys – you are on the right track. For a first show that was amazing.

Kiel Cottongim says:

Great show very cool concept! Love the new digs too guys!!! Keep up the good work!

_ DEVSTER _ says:

Wow dude you lost credit with your fajita issues!

sean gates says:

Really enjoyed this guys! Keep it up!! Love everything you guys have going on….this, the podcast, the vlogs and inside the leather. Ronnie is a great addition!!!!

Shawn DeMan says:

Watching this right now and love it. Good job keep up the great work. I watch all your stuff and others and makes me want play alot of golf this year!?

Alan Heseltine says:

I'm really enjoying how well you both compliment each other not only in this show but especially your podcasts, keep doing what you're doing guys. The podcasts are great to listen to as I'm working out at the gym.

The Golf Clan says:

Graphics are looking legit guys – what channel is this airing on ?

Martin Reay says:

Great, great great! Good luck with the new space, make it work boys! I want mail boxes like that! Keep it going

Wouter ter Stege says:

Really love it guys!

Steelersfan0314241 says:

Been slacking with keeping up with all the content, but just binged listened to the podcast at work yesterday. Love the work you guys do, fellas! Keep it up

Todd Taggart says:

Can’t wait for the simulator! Keep it up guys!

Nick St Pierre says:

Love the Seinfeld reference about the Merv Griffin show! haha best ever

Fabio Branzino says:

Awesome spot. Awesome format. I’m sure you’ll start getting people in for interviews. You should call those segments, “TWIG on the couch.”

Geo Man says:

Enjoy your channel. Your appeal comes from the avid keen average golfer perspective which i believe far too many you tubers often fail to realise. You seem very genuine and approachable. The Spreck vlogs are awesome loved the fitting and course management ones. Playing on courses videos are great too.

You are obviously thinking along these lines but the studio fitted with an indoor golf simulator and reviews would be great. Genuine reviews are needed. Too many you tubers come from a biased and bought out perspective.

gbaum26 says:

Also if wind is that strong we know it would move that ball. Video fake

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