Reactionary Golf Lesson In Mississippi, with Tony Luczak

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I flew to four different states over thousands of miles to film with four like minded instructors and discovered the unexpected source of golf power, it's all in the new documentary at this website check it out. LIVE NOW!

Over 3 hours of content (forgot to say that in vid)


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Ferdinand Jarquio says:

This is THE BEST lesson you've had so far… it all makes sense… Kudos to your vid!!!

ranmangolf says:

I am using Tony's right tip to control the golf swing to be very effective. It's so simple, yet very profound. I only regret that this information wasn't available to me years ago. All of these guys from BE BETTER GOLF are advocating the use of the arms in the swing. This took it to another level for me.

bluesy1234 says:

Hi Brendon, Worked on this for the last few days with pretty good results. My right wrist is a little sore from the flex and unflex through the hitting area. Am I overdoing it ? It's hard to tell from the video how much this plays a part in the swing.

Ron Harris says:

I have greatly enjoyed all of your sessions with these great instructors. They have been entertaining as well as informative. As I have watched and listened, I've heard old things explained in new ways. Perhaps your swing needs what happened to my swing 20 years ago. "DIVINE INTERVENTION". THIS IS A GREAT GAME!

Daniel hägg says:

Hi! thinking about the right arm have helped me alot, The only problem I get is with the driver. i get i massive hook/ draw and i dont no howe to get it straight. what do i do? thanks for all get content 🙂

christopher jones says:

looks like you set your right arm to soon or bend it

John Walker says:

I like Malaska's concept of using gravity much better. Swing should be more natural and not have so much manipulation, especially with the hands. I think it's easier to control the backswing feeling more arms and shoulders than hands. It's your hands that get the club off plane. I don't think I ever think about my hands, just my wrists to control the club face or shallow the swing.

Yes, this was the beginning, but I think this shows clearly how much you'd have to practice to make these thoughts work and I'm willing to bet it'll crumble under pressure during a round. Manipulating the club with the hands rather than allowing it to release naturally will result in poor club face control and different bottom points, so inconsistent contact. Just feel like you're fighting what the club is designed to do versus letting it do the majority of the work.

It's interesting how we find something that works for us as individuals and then assume it's universal. Good luck being better with this one.

coastalBrake says:

Thanks for the video. I was surprised to hear how much right-side arm involvement was recommended. My left-arm-only swing generates much more speed (like a tennis backswing) than my right-arm-only swing. Why would one want to quiet the left arm?

gjjd says:

Your backswing started looking significantly better from our view by following his directions. That was amazing.

Darryl Gwalter says:

I was always taught to take the club away with the left shoulder. Using the right makes sense. I am excited to try this.

Nick Barbieri says:

How many coaches do you see for lessons? How can you expect to be better when you're not committed to one swing.

madesteve1 says:

may I share my experience of my swing change which watching tony has been a huge help. …
I'm 54, was averaging +9 (poor putting mostly) and a hogan nerd…well my swing was more inside than yours..however my hips were doing your old hip motion…resulting in lower spine twist injury. after rest + back treatment I had a couple of lessons + watching tonys vids..I have made these changes…
1/ I do the baseball swing drill. this automatically makes my takeaway right hand position as tony is saying. the club is always outside of my hands going back instead of inside.
2/ tony in his other videos says how the right hand/arm needs to come down and it's position half way down the downswing. its brilliant because I've found it makes my hips rotate correctly without any thought of driving my body or hips. also this auto-transfers the weight to the lead leg and left knee ahead of left foot. ok…please bare with me…
3/ from that critical right arm/hand position, I ONLY turn. it now for the first time allows me to turn around the front foot ,my head turns to, and I can finally, and comfortably turn AHEAD and up to shaking somebody's hand towards target and then be totally over and balancing on my left foot. I have been trying with no avail for years to achieve this…it was initially depressing to leave my Hogan thoughts in the bin..but would you believe it, that critical right hand and arm position in the downswing that Tony mentions in his other videos…I'm hitting straight and miles with driver.
the biggest surprise is that my swing is NO less like hogans so my main point is…the thought of driving with my hips was reducing my power and hurting my back.
the right hand and arm is for me everything and it's a natural throw.
I don't think distance and touch can happen until the natural right hand and arm throw is allowed to happen.
huge thanks to back and game mission is saved. well worth watching all his videos.

Stephane Gauthier says:

Tony is amazing. He's describing exactly the feels I had recently on the course that I couldn't quite describe. I felt like I was literally rushing towards the target and the ball was super straight. I love his attention to detail too like the toe->heel on the leading foot…


Possible upcoming be better golf school with Tony and Jeff Flagg in feb or march, very small class size, should be a blast email me if you want to know more,

theclubpro says:

brandon, at the 15:05 mark i've seen monte if i'm not mistaken give you the same drill. i've been doing this for about 2+ months now and has really helped my contact with the ball.i normally hit low on the face and toe side but with this way i'm hitting higher on the face,higher ball flight and slightly more distance..and for some reason it feels like im swinging easier.. the feeling i get is that i'm cocking my wrist (right)just after the takeaway. i'm not all that flexible in my wrist so i make sure i feel pressure in the back of my right wrist..for me to get the the right takeaway, i do 2-3 practice takeaways and then just swing, no standing over the ball just me it feels like i don't cock my wrist at all in my left wrist but i videoed myself and im cocking it like normal…thats because i don't have a cup left wrist now and now its more bowed at the top. great videos and im sure that they going to help a lot of golfers with there swing like me…keep up the good work..

Bernd Dreilich says:

Great Video and alternativ approach to the golfswing. Especially the fact that golfswing is more like an underhand throwing motion and the force is directed straight to the target while the Body follows the Arms. Feels to me more like a more Vertical movement from the top into the impact Zone.

Brian Devitt says:

You may haven overdosed on Lopez Juice Brendon.

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