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jasnoc says:

Just now seeing videos with you and Reed, isnt that Ron Howard's kid?

Lou T says:

So you have to wear a hat all the time. Anybody who works at it hard enough can learn to keep their head steady within a week without this goofy looking gizmo.

JD says:

Reed, hogan rotated his head before he went back, cmon man, Check it.

Methodic L says:

I don't agree. Just because your head moves around does not mean that your eyes do. Our eyes have excellent tracking capability. Unless your eyes are incapable of moving and stuck looking straight ahead you do not need to worry about your head moving around. You are kidding yourself if you think that you can keep your head still. It's more about the fact that your body goes where ever your head goes. But even then your body will only follow the head if the head is moved an extreme amount.

empty g says:

If you practice, always have a purpose. A still head and spine angle are paramount. Great Tool. Well done. I use to sway and dip, no more !!!

Jim Siverts says:

How about more explanation of how this works. The purpose of the cone shape? What exactly are you trying to see. Are you lining this up on a specific point on the ball, the ground, or other place?

ootietang says:

I got mine in the mail tonight! I'll let you guys know how it works.

David Kripal says:

Just ordered one. Thanks for the MSE discount Christo

Swift chopper says:

Take up smoking!

Tim B says:

Great idea, and I might buy it, but looks exactly like the Optigrab from the Steve Martin movie “The Jerk.”

Joe Kruper says:

Just ordered…look forward to trying it out…Thank you!

Richard Oakley says:

Ppl always see the symptoms but not the cause.

Emilio Jesena says:

I am hopeful that your friend will be successful in his product, and he will make a ton of money with it. But I have a much cheaper alternative, it will have an initial cost of about $1: it is a piece of dry spaghetti. Or linguini, or fettuccine.

Thomas Fraser says:

Stead head is a good training aide and keeping your head down waiting for the blur of the club head also helps.

Safari Park Earth says:

You guys are so inspiring. This is a great idea. I love Reed's Moe Norman style swing but he might want to have someone else do the demo with a more conventional swing if you want to maximize sales. Just my 2 cents as a marketer. This could be big!

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