Report & Analysis: Golden State Warriors DEFEAT Cleveland Cavs In Game 1 Of the 2015 NBA Finals

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Warriors' deep bench overpowers the strong individual game of LeBron James as The Dubs take Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals. Kyrie Irving is hurt again. PFV breaks down what happened and where things go from here in the series.

Watch video highlights of the game:

“Warriors-Cavs Game 1” (; full highlights to come shortly at the page)

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Dai Sun says:

I told u what will happen has happened, Stephen is new era of Jordan, with Kyrie injured, this series is over, dynasty changed now.

G20 says:

The Cavs were clipped together, the Warriors were built. Thats the main difference IMO

Bruceleeeroy says:

Awesome game! Once again I think Barnes hit a big three in OT that really pushed it the Warriors' way. I hope Kyrie comes back and we get a great series.

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