Reps Junior Golf Golf Swing Review

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Practice Drills


teeupnow says:

I struggle with getting to narrow at the end of my backswing. Can you recommend a couple of thoughts with drills that will help me maintain more width at the end of my backswing?
Thank you.

Wasatch Golf Academy says:

I teach the same stuff Tony is incredible and is helping to change the brainwashing that has been hammered into the golfing public #changeinstruction

Alex T says:

Looks like Jeffs grip is a little more in the palm of his right hand than some grips? Makes it a little more underhanded?

Alex T says:

Great vid Tony. I like the underhand throwing motion concept. Would you recommend right arm only practice swings/drills? Also can you use the underhand concept with putting or is it too much of an in to out motion for a putt?

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