Retief Goosen Swing (Side and Back) @ 2009 US PGA

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Roderick Eckle says:

Kinda like Jack Nicklaus' flying elbow.

Benjamin Steele says:

buttery swing

JDK K says:

What is it with the sound effect… Uhggh

Benjamin Steele says:

idk why but i love that swing

Benjamin Steele says:

great swing. i bet he doesnt hit many slices

Woo Chang says:

I like retief as a player sad he is not doing so well nowadays. i think age caught him. but hey i believe he will still win a big tourney

metaloutlander says:

followed him at the nissan open…. best swing out there.

toddles013 says:

such a strong swing! rotation is one the greatest out there!

thenofxlagwagon says:

i love his swing!

julian bosi says:

the most underrated ball striker

Jason Lee says:

ouch my back hurts T.T

Matt Bonneville says:

His top position is sorta 2 plane, but he flattens into a one plane downswing IMO. I bit of a hybrid move.

Matt Bonneville says:

He is one strong dude. Look at the image a 1:20. He's halfway down and he's bending the snot out of that shaft, and the muscles on his left arm are bulging. He's very deep into his downswing and still has huge lag and the club face is parallel to the inclined downswing plane. 95% of even stronger male golfer will hit the ball right from this position.

ben satterfield says:

is that one plane or 2 plane swing

jtjorger says:

BIg arm at 1:21

garysevern says:

Poetry in motion!

Dajie Lin says:

Excellent angle of camera and what a smooth ,balanced, beautiful swing.

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