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In this video Chris takes a look at a product that he uses in his day to day coaching, explains why this is, how to use it and how it could help your golf.

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David Chester says:

Any chance of a review on the swingyde, eyeline speed trap

Tom Donnelly says:

Thanks for the review. Nice to get some real-world feedback on the product. Sounds like a tool that would work well for me.

golfergal says:

I can use aim sticks in the ground for a dollar a piece and practice my take away…

Larry Adami says:

BANG… Perfect, this product ticks all the boxes for me !!
I didn't know exactly what bit of technology would suit my needs until this video, I use the mirrors at the local driving range and this is a step up… I can add lines to follow my swing and don't need to move my head.
Also live feed back against the lines as I run slowly through my swing, showing me my true failures…

Hopefully I can get this delivered to Australia… My golfing friends are going to love me…

Robert Morley says:

I use a free app called "hudltechnique" which allows for recording your swing. You can draw lines and circles as well as play back at full or reduced speeds.

Cace Smith says:

Great review Chris. My wife gifted me one of these for Christmas and, as you mentioned, it's much better than using a mirror to practice.

Peter Willcox says:

Chris wish we had this to work with when I came for an extended session with you last year. I purchased it a couple of months ago and use it also in face on view where it lets you know if you are sliding or swaying. In addition I went to Fairweather Golf and recorded a swing with Live View on their RoboGolfPro robot swing machine set up for me. I marked up the takeaway and swing plane lines in the down the line view and I can use those lines on the range by setting Live View up at a similar camera distance. The combination of the two technologies is incredibly powerful. The camera does have a few limitations but overall it is an excellent bit of kit. Well done you for embracing it lot's of Pros would not.

Combobulate says:

How far did you set it up behind Chris. Looks quite close. My driving range only has 12 feet behind the ball to fit camera in. Would this be enough?

Lee Glover Golf says:

Can you record on this .?

Dave Bateman says:

We're do you get them chris

Solomon Li says:

Awesome!!! Thanks for the review Chris! I just heard about this last night and I'm probably going to pick this up.

Steve Wright says:

Where did you order this from Chris. If from the US how much including shipping?

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