Review of the Live View PRO Golf Swing Camera and Analyzer! How to Video Your Golf Swing

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Are you looking to video record your golf swing and analyze it at the same time. The Live View Pro is a great way to video your swing and look at it at the same time. Using your ipad or smart device you can have a mirror image of your swing from any angle you want. Easy set up and use to improve your golf game. Check the link below for more information on the Live View Pro golf camera.

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Powker The Veriest says:

Can't you just take your smartphone cam?

Tone Abet says:

You can do this for free if you own an android phone and a TV. I cast my phone screen to TV. You need to say "hey Google start recording" if you don't want to press the phone. Also the footage looks way better on the phone, and you can record it in super slow mo.

M R says:

So it shoots in low light and it puts a 45 degree line on the screen and this is worth more than twenty bucks?

Tom Leighty says:

Ordered one of these about a month ago and still do not have it. Could have bought from amazon and had it in a few days! Not sure I want to support Golfers RX if customer service is this bad!


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elaine videos says:

Anyone else having a problem putting the back on the remote?

John Clare says:

Seven years already went by when I began playing and all those years were full of practices and training lessons. When I obtained the golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it), I managed to make a seventy-five shot after 2 buckets. I was able to become more acquainted with numerous golf ideas such as grip, ball position and through swing drills. My handicap is starting to diminish as well from 13. This tutorial is excellent!

Caemen Studios says:

Right after reading through the golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) and completing it last week, I tried out the guide’s ideas in the game. I never thought that after playing for Three decades, my swinging skill could still be enhanced. In addition to that, the practice drills also helped fine-tune some tiny but crucial positions that I once thought didn’t matter.

丁懿辰 Brandon輝月國際 says:

The link you provided has the same price as google?


Doesn't the Live View Plus show move frames per sec for a better quality slow-mo? Darryl W

LiL Brussel Sprout says:

What if you’re at the course with no wi fi…?

loslobos9461 says:

Do you know how many feet away the camera must be to acquire a full swing, or the distance difference between the two models? Thx.

Eric H says:

Seems like a great product, the only thing I would like to see is a way you can connect it via wire to your iPad or tablet to get that higher resolution without lag.

Stories with Aly says:

I have this and am putting it through its paces compared to using two apps on my iPhone that does almost the same thing. The remote should have come bundled for the price.

Da BATMAN I am out the D says:

Hey yo coach Short Game Juan here thinking about you today just wanted to say Happy father's day bro have a great one

AllDayRay S says:

HUDL Technique app is what I use with my iPhone. It’s free and has a lot of cool features. There is a paid version, but I don’t have a need for it.

Fred Howie says:

Little Dave uses an app

james smith says:

mr short game can you not just use slow-mo on your phone buy a try-pod for about ten dollars use your golf bag set up done, then do three swings then check rather than check while u swing?

Oregon one says:

I keep thinking how to get the HC up not down.

Ian Dalkin says:

It doesn't seem the same without the chickens.

Gregg H says:

It seems like this should be an app for your phone and not a separate dedicated camera.

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