Richard Green Hole in One Albatross at Oates Vic Open Pro-Am – Amazing golf shot

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Thumbs up for Richard Green who has scored his 1st #albatross with an #ace at the par-4 15th during the #VicOpen Pro-Am


PGA of Australia says:

Richard Green Albatross, one of the most amazing hole in ones you will ever
see. #HoleInOne #Albatross #PGATourAus #VicOpen 

User Error says:

Why was that a par 4 hole? A cup you can reach in one stoke should never be
a par 4. What was that a kiddie hole? 

joshjhutton says:

For those of you complaint that we Americans are calling the distance 382
yards instead of 350 meters, please get over yourself. It’s the same
distance no matter how you refer to it as. says:

We’ve all seen videos of some bizarre and wild hole-in-ones. But this one
might take the cake. Check this out!

petramundo says:

The ball comes out of the bunker faster then it goes in. Cant believe some
people are buying this.

FlashResultats says:

#Golf : L’incroyable albatross de Richard Green !

Lors d’un tournoi Pro-Am le golfeur pro australien Richard Green a réussi
un par-4 en un coup avec beaucoup de réussite

Stephen Charman says:

If you’d titled this “The most amazing golf shot ever” you would have had a
million views by now!

☆ CreamZ ☆ says:

I did something similar to this while minigolfing. I’m sure it can’t be
too hard on a real golf course. Hold my beer.

Golf & Go Coastal Cruises, USA Inc. says:

A hole in one is hard enough, but what about a hole in one albatross? (are
they sure nobody was in that bunker) #golf #golfing #holeinone 

bigmaxy07 says:

I think sprinkler head then rake then possibly a 2nd rake…?

frank dukes says:

sick par 4, must have been at least 150 yards 

iasaqueboleto990 says:

ball acted like a drunken quidditch

Mark Barros says:

I find golf pretty boring but this is the most amazing shot I’ve ever seen.

Nuno Soares says:

Way to go mate!

joshjhutton says:

Probably hit the rake. 

Filippo S Renner Araújo says:

That was actually a birdie 3. 2 stroke penalty for using magic, which is
not allowed under USGA rules.

Philip Halpin says:

That was a strange one for sure, coming out the bunker like that.
By the way I’ve had a hole in one on a par 4, 358yds, it went straight in.
🙂 🙂 :-)

bubbastard says:

Who is the midget hiding in the bunker throwing balls at the pin?

Maurizio Ricca says:

I think it’s a fake! Note the ball when it reappears from the bunker …
seems bigger than before and then when it approaches the hole …
accelerates ! It is not a normal movement !

smoothmedia says:

So, it must have hit the rake in the bunker. Right?

Bob A. says:

1.74 furlongs?? What an ace!!!

Linda McNaughton says:

Thumbs up for Richard Green who has scored his 1st #albatross with an #ace
at the par-4 15th during the #VicOpen Pro-Am held at 13th Beach Links,
Barwon Heads –

Whisky Run Golf Club says:

Is this the luckiest hole-in-one ever?? You tell us.

Snake Plissken says:

some space jam shit

hayden watson says:

Must be a act of God …. amen says:

Hole in one on a par 4… via the bunker…

lilruss72 says:

He pulled off a Happy Gilmore

Modern Golf says:

This is the craziest hole-in-one you’ll ever see!

trentnathan1 says:

Please explain…

Khu NoPie says:

The dingo ate my baby!

Mike Bartenfelder says:

Incredible hole in one on par 4. Must watch!

Robert Amos IV says:

Hole-in-one…. out of a bunker!

Dex Ferion says:

Almost as good as me!

Paco Serrano says:

A ver si aprendes Tiger Wods!!!!!!

Golf Canada says:

This par-4 hole-in-one is amazing!

阿蘇美忍 says:


Philip Morris says:


Golf Trader says:

What happens when you combine your tee shot with the game, Plinko? Ask
Richard Green in Australia.


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