Rick Shiels learns how to putt!

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Rick Shiels learns how to putt!
With Lee Sullivan based at http://www.tourxgolf.co.uk/


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name says:

the guy looks like an Irish murderer.

Michael McMillan says:

Captain serious… but if he gets the job done!

Richard Davis says:

Wow, if looks could kill! Don't want him at my Christmas party, that's for sure.

e james says:

you've got the same putting method as mickelsen. But his grip is thinner and the left hand is more under neath. The club gets suspended just from the left hand and right is ultralight on the grip…………..barely touching it.

Michael Fedarb says:

Great summary Lee is top guy !

Frank chiew says:

Andy Gorman wont be happy with your eyes over the ball Rick!

Johnny Apple Seed says:

About time you learned how to putt….

Jordan Martinka says:

what!? speak up! damn echo

J says:

They have this system at American Golf Trafford for fitting and helping you select the right putter for you. It is quite amazing how much info this system picks up about your putting stroke etc. Well worth using it.

matt 7079 says:

keep it up rick

Alabaster245 says:

I can see why the US seems to be falling behind in Golf. The amount of technology that you guys are using is awesome.

John Clark says:

forget all that crap.Chill between now & Fairhaven,like A levels, you've done YER graft now. CHILL,ENJOY FAIRHAVEN, Think BOBBY LOCKE WORRIED ABOUT ANGLES.?

Jancen says:

That is some dagger look.

Kyle Holt says:

Amazing! Love the data and the results.

Until the end says:

I'm 7 years old and I hit my putter at a 0.4 degree angle 400 yards on a par 4. Generally I can get a hole in one on every hole except the par 5s, where it tends to take me about 2 strokes per hole.

Matthew Johnson says:

Are there any of these in the US

Richard Chamberlain says:

love the vib Rick keep up the good work. how much is a putting lesson with lee ???

Conrad Harle says:

Sorry Rick but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

David Lee says:

I've been SAMmed (think it was designed with input from Bernhard Langer) and Qunitec's at the London Putting Lab with Mathew Johns the pro at royal Blackheath golf club and then used the Harold Swash putting template and the difference you can make very quickly is amazing. I've also found the Navigator training aid which I imported from Dirty Larry's in the US – great tech and made a real difference!

Steven says:

thay guy looks like he wants to punch u rick lol

Dark Horse says:

The quality of content on your channel has gone up leaps and bounds lately but particularly this and the vlog with Ryan. Well done Rick

Gruffalo Speed says:

I use Nick Soto in Northampton, putting lessons rock! Samputtlab really is brilliant

Andrew Nelson says:

That's great to see how the simple things like eye line helps with your putter face when you line up level with your ball

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