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Does a lucky putt count as a good putt? In Kevin's world, maybe, but Butch Harmon and Rickie Fowler know from experience that good technique is key for scoring.

[upbeat music]
Oh, ho,
wooh, come on, boy.
Let's do this, come on.
Oh, hey, guys.
You check out the hole lately?
There's a ball in it.
You almost shattered the flag.
Hey, man, a putt's a putt.
Last time I checked, my ball was in the hole.
First of all, you need to take the pin out when you putt.
That's a two-shot penalty for hitting the pin.
Duly noted.
Ricky, let's show him how to make one.
[upbeat music]
Yeah, maybe we should go help him out.
Yeah, no kidding.
[upbeat music]
Guys, oh, guys.
You know, Ricky, you have experience.
One big putt.
You're one of the best putters that I know,
and this year, when you won at Honda on the back nine,
you made some really good putts.
I think a lot of it is, I want to react.
I see it.
I know what's going on around the putt,
and at least down to the hole and back.
And you get a feel for it.
Ultimately, it doesn't matter how long the putt is,
you're really focusing on your contact
and then the speed for that putt.
So all you can control is right here.
Let's see your routine here.
Your setup will be a lot more consistent
if you put the putter down first.
You kind of want your shoulders square,
hands can hang here.
Go ahead and get the grip.
Pressure-wise, you want it in the middle.
I try and fix my eyes on a specific spot behind the ball.
Some people like to look at a dimple on the ball.
I look at the grass right behind it.
That allows you to not let your eyes wander,
which makes the stroke a little bit more consistent.
I like that.
Come on in here.
Yeah, get in here where you can see this.
All right.
Let's show 'em a little something.
Can you get my ball while you're at it?
There's probably a ball in there.
We'll leave it in there for you.
[upbeat music]
Now that's how you do it.
Yeah, that's how we do it.
Me and Ricky, come on.
We're like best friends now.
I don't think he's paying any attention,
but for those of you at home,
if you paid attention,
you're gonna putt a lot better.
Let's get out of here.
Yeah, see ya.
What'd I miss?
You're good.
Guys, check out this monkey,
million views so far.
[upbeat music]

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Rickie Fowler Gives Tips on How to Putt Better | Golf Tips | Golf Digest


24K Sports says:

You tell em Butch.

DankTastic says:

Leaving the flag stick in isn't a penalty any more lol.

Dennis Chang says:

2019…. Great Putt Kevin!! ?

Richard Swift says:

I obtained these golf swing techniques “mowosam press” (Google it), read it in 1 night, and the next day at the driving range applied it. I was instantly taking correct divots with my irons, appropriately after solid impact. I was hitting about 10-15 yards farther with my irons than I was accustomed to. Try it yourself!..

LHR195 Fam says:

0:05 that's actually a rule now that you ARE allowed to keep the flagstick in while putting as of July-August 2018!

Kyle Campbell says:

I'm sure Kevins a nice guy really

Tarah Probst says:

Butch Harmon is right Kevin Rickie Fowler is pro golfer he knows more then you.

Jck says:

kevin might have some sort of mental disability, seems like they are just making funnof him

DrSlinkyWW says:

I think I'd still much rather play with Kevin than Butch.

J.i. Baggett says:

What why is rickie in lack and grey

Andres Barraza says:

the ball disappears around 1:37, lol

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