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Produced by Golf Digest for Farmers Insurance | No shot? No problem. Rickie Fowler and Butch Harmon show how to hit a high cut over trees.

(light music)
Oh man.
It was a nice drive here, Butch.
Yeah, if I was playing this hole,
I'm on the wrong fairway.
I've got no shot.
Can't go this way.
Gotta hit some kind of high cut over the trees.
You know, I don't even know how far it is.
Maybe yards.
Yeah, it's just a high cut right here.
If it's that easy, you show me how to do it then.
(driving music)
[Butch] So big cut huh?
[Rickie] Yeah, this high cut right around the trees.
Well you know, when you play as bad as I do sometimes,
I've seen a thing or two before like this,
and I've seen Seve Ballesteros,
God he was phenomenal at this stuff,
he'd get out of position,
and then he'd hit these miraculous shots.
So talk us through how you're going to hit this.
There's really two parts to it,
where you want the ball to finish,
where you want it to start, pretty simple.
I try and get the club face pretty close
to where I want it to finish,
and then I'll aim my body a little more
where I want it to start,
so club face is open, body's open,
start where I want it to start here,
and then really just focusing
swinging down my body line
and making sure I turn the body hard.
That way, we're able to cut it.
I like that because then you don't really have to change
anything in your swing.
You're doing it all in the set up.
Club face open, body off the target to the left,
swing on the line of your feet
pretty much creates what you're looking for.
You may try and stay back just a little bit
to get the extra heighth.
Other than that, yeah, you keep it
as simple as possible.
Yeah, let's see it.
Good thing we've had experience with these shots.
(rock music)
Oh yeah, that's perfect.
Alright, I'm just going to play that one.
Why don't we do this all day?
I just hit a drive, and wherever I am,
you play the next shot?
[Butch] Gosh I'm going to shoot a good score today.
[Rickie] Ah, we're a good team.
(rock music)

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Rickie Fowler Shows How to Hit a High Cut Over Trees | Golf Tips | Golf Digest


Patrick Sheridan says:

So much better when there’s videos like this that explain what you’re looking to do that aren’t 12 mins long

Cybek Cusal says:

What is heighth? Is that a word?

The Honest Blackman says:

Wanna learn how to cut it, ask chi chi Rodriguez, he's da cut master.

Snoopys Snow Cones & More says:

I like to call mine a slice not a cut but to each their own 😏

mikhailg74 says:

LMAO! That Slap was priceless Rickie!

Aquemini says:

Did Anyone stared at his nipple the whole time? Great swing btw

kray z Dude says:

Yeah wher a good team smack right on the cheekz lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

brocklanders1984 says:

Swing the right hand back then (eyes firmly forward) follow through to the buttock. Be sure to slap through so as to make good contact. Perfect technique.

Totalavulsion says:

Out of position but on s beautifully manicured fairway. #unrealiticgolf

ti38338 says:

Nice shot! I'll give that a try. Next video should show us how to replace a divot. Ha.

cgasucks says:

I make that shot all the time. . unintentionally.

Andrew Weiss says:

O that's how. Well why haven't I been doing that. Bc it's so fuckin easy and all you PRICK! 😆 lol

Jonathan Poto says:

Try to hit a low right to left hook but then tense up and mess it up high right over the treeline

locky says:

What number iron did he use?

Read my Lips says:

I see Rickie is growing boobies @ 1:11 🤣

Steve C says:

Luke Donald explained this shot on a video long time ago. And wouldn't you think that Butch would keep his waistline in a little more control knowing his fat rear end would be on a lot of you tubes?

moreme40 says:

Actually I would rather have Rickie handle the tee shots and then I try the approaches

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Is that actually a real hole or are they just hitting onto another green?

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