Ricky Fowler & Holly Sonders Pro-AM Golf

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Brian Murray says:

She could play 36 holes in 100 degree heat and I would still bury my tongue
in her ass.

paulyrulo1 says:

WOW …thank you golf channel….now if they only could get those weenies
on morning drive off the air and put more Holly on….that would be
great…..she is not only gorgeous but seems to have a great personality
to…..major boners in that time slot for sure! Whew!!!!! Time for a cold
one……shower that is!

5drum5 says:

I love her follow through. She has incredible form!

arvind meghwal says:

My weird nephew was able to make the most beautiful stripper I’ve ever seen
fall in love with him as he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish
I became excited for him but I dream a phenomenal individual would fall in
love with me. I am really jealous. Does that mean I’m a lousy human being?

Unwavering Canadian says:

I’m torn. The video sucks but Holly is amazing and Some Nights is a wicked

leisulin says:

Don’t those tend to get in the way when she swings the club?

Spencc1996 says:

id fuck her

Dot Matrix says:

Great music. Great action on picking up the ball.

cityofchamps66 says:

shes engaged to Erik Kuselis

cgasucks says:

Fucking Gay Video..

Johnny Wewoka says:

THAT is one WHOLESOME looking girl–ya don’t them every day.

Michael Dercole says:

fin garbage

alex cas says:

i reckon you should let her know, with charm like yours she is bound to
fell the same way for you….

mark k says:

she has great form

Adam Baum says:

this “video” sucks

Spencc1996 says:

really should i!!! wow thanks for the advice

aaron lopez says:

Hope Rickie got into the 19th hole!

David C says:

How in the hell could anyone concentrate on playing golf? My god!

Jeff Jerman says:

Rickie definitely laid pipe on her.

carldawgh says:

this sucked so hard

CUNfTucker says:

i’d pork the pair of them

Nathan Thompson says:

that was so bad and you can’t even spell his name right

alex cas says:

oh my god where’s the mute button

Atla s says:

thought he had a wife and kids..

Halua Lodi says:

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back he registered to a site named Master Attraction (Google it if you’d
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emails and figure out if it can help a person like me. Crazy point is, my
friend used to have no results with females. How can you change that
rapidly? His lady’s like a model…

RaceCityUS says:

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