Right Elbow In Golf Downswing Drills (PERFECT POSITION!)

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Matt Lord says:

Adam – It's great that you not only explain and demonstrate these concepts so well, but also show us exactly how the best players in the world do it! This is pure gold. And by the way, your Solid Strike Formula video series is fantastic!

Shaved Weiss says:

Hi Adam I have started golfing after about ten years off and am loving your videos. I wish they would have been available 20 years ago when I started playing. One issue I am having is that I am rotating my hips to hard on down swing and it is pushing my right area out causing an outside in swing swing path. Do you have any tips on this? Should I slide my hips a bit more rather than a pure rotation or fire my hips later in my down swing?

R S says:

thank you for this lesson

Tom 54 says:

After seeing several of your videos I must say that is one beautiful plush course you are it. Very envious. Shame on you if one can’t hit off those fairways

Fred Negus says:

It’s not the elbow position that is key it’s the shaft location relative to the downswing plane and angle of approach. If the shaft is firmly on the correct plane the elbow will by definition pass through the proper “location”. As you watch the swing from behind you will see it comes down , out and forward through impact to low point. Then it travels from low point up and in. You have provided an excellent video which portrays the proper positions and that is much appreciated. Your work is top quality. Cheers. F

Henry McKenna says:

Adam, thank you so much for your great video on “right elbow” n .lag”

Jody Giesler says:

That showed me more on how to use the right elbow close in than any lesson I've ever had. Thanks for the information and showing it in simple terms for me to work on.

Tribal Warlord says:

Adam, I really find your lessons very clear and useful. Unfortunately, I find this particular lesson confusing. May be it's just me but it sounds like you're holding back from being absolutely objective about the role of the trail hand. Sorry

matt smith says:

Shoulders are still closed at left arm parallel, mine are wide open sooner.

James Martin says:

Adam as a new member of Scratch Golf I found this re-enforced something I have been working on for about three weeks now. I have been working on the feeling of my right elbow moving into the slot and at impact of not having the trail (Right Arm) fully extended at that point and feeling the arm more relaxed. After watching this video and studying your and pro's right wrist being slightly flexed back, I found what has helped me achieve that easier is to feel the bony pad part of the right hand exerting pressure on the left (lead) hand at the bottom of the thumb. Feeling that part of the right hand pushing into the back of the left thumb makes that trail hand bend back more. Many thanks for a great explanation of this move.

wecklpeart says:

Excellent instruction. On a side note, that’s the most beautiful fairway I’ve ever seen. The grass is impeccable.

Craig Hill says:

Thanks Adam. I’ve been watching for a couple of years now and was a paying SGA member for a while. Will probably join up again soon as I’ve plateaued. Reason for my comment today is that although I appreciate all the video of the pro swings you use as comparisons, what I’d really love is if you allowed them to actually hit the ball rather than ending the clip. I realise you’re trying to show a specific point or position or action, but being able to see that very point incorporated into an entire swing and shot would be very beneficial. Thanks.

Sandy French says:

best instruction on the net

Mike Beck says:

Concise and to the point… outstanding lesson! love the simplicity of your swing… working hard to emulate it. Thanks

Sandy French says:

Great videos Adam, big fan.

Steve strang says:

Great video. I’ve been trying to stop flipping at the bottom. For me, the only way get the handle in front of the ball at impact, is to think about maintaining my right wrist bent with the palm facing the ground the way you showed. Thanks

BioGOD009 says:


Thomas Fraser says:

Hi Adam I have conclusively found that the activation of the trail elbow to lead the trail hand at the transitional part of the golf swing have worked magic in my swing. Never again will I start my downswing with my hands and wrist. And never again will I deliberately drive my right elbow into my lead side. Thank you for showing us how the pros uses their magic trail elbow in a similar fashion as a quarterback might throw a ball starting with his trail elbow as well. Simply trust the rest of the body to naturally respond to the miracle of the trail elbow.

Maximus Payne says:

Iv'e seen hundreds of golf videos and I have to say that this series of golf videos is by far the best I've seen so far. Excellent instruction and details that have really helped me to understand the specific swing mechanics of the entire golf swing with the various clubs. Thumbs up and great job sir. Thank you for helping me to improve my swing.

D Wade Rose says:

Perfect timing when I saw this video. After literally dozens of years I have never been able to correct the high ball flight and often hitting the ground first. I knew my strike was off but dragging the back of the club and starting the club down with handle down has been mostly what I have tried. I started to experiment a couple of weeks ago with bringing the entire V of my arms forward in the swing and have hit some of the longest and best flighted balls I've ever hit, but I was uncertain and insecure with what I have been working on. Your video today and a video of my own swing confirmed a technique that I believe will improve my game significantly. Your the only coach I watch and I greatly appreciate your videos. I would love to spend a week at a golf camp with you and your staff.

Charles Troiano says:

Great video!! So easy to follow and incorporate into practice on the range and on the course. I would like to see how this relates to the driver swing. Thank you.

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Congratulations on your 3rd PGA Teacher of the Year.

Jay Beuoy says:

Love watching your swing!

Chuck LaTour says:

Even if it doesn't work for me, and I have no reason to believe it won't, that is the best looking golf swing on YouTube.

FireTrace says:

Awesome instruction and demonstration. Very good, relatable teaching and easy to understand. Thankyou.

Anthony Lennen says:

Adam I just literally finished playing 153 holes in Naples in 5 days today. For all of us who did not grow up on Bermuda, you should do a video on hitting short irons out of Bermuda, particularly when it's so wet like it's been this week. It's just soooo hard. Thanks. BTW 36 at Old Corkscrew. OMG that course is so hard.

Samuel Collie says:

Thanks for the great video. I struggle more with irons than hybrids, fairway woods or driver. I tend to move the club a bit outside which sometimes means I strike the ball with the inside (near the hosel) which creates a horrible shot. I only do this with irons. I just had a lesson with my pro and he gave me a couple of drills but I have been paying more attention to having my right arm near my body.

David Lake says:

Your videos are of such a high quality I have to ask: What video equipment do you use? Also, it would be very interesting to have a "behind the scenes" video showing your production technique, etc. That you for these amazing videos as they have certainly helped my game a lot.

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