Right hand use during your swing

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There is surprisingly little movement in your right wrist and hand when it is used correctly in your golf swing. The wrist works through quite a small range of movement.

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Don Smith says:

My 8I went from 125 to 140 in 2 shots. Great info thanks.

Tom Fallbach says:

Best tip I ever had! My club face was always way to open in the back swing. This fixes that. Great!

Nathan Perry says:

So a good thought on this move would be to supinate the right forearm, extent right wrist, and flex left wrist in transition? Similar to the croker golf system?

Angelo C says:

This is such an underrated video. It’s concise and well explained. The right hand, in the correct positions, is critical to both keeping the club on plane and keeping the right elbow in front…which will help in creating consistent contact and power.

John Schwartz says:

I've viewed this video several times, but my first time commenting on it. Since my first viewing, I have tried to incorporate this tip into my swing and it definitely has helped. I use it both on my woods and irons! My only problem now is distance control with my short irons from approximately 50 yds. in, where I am usually short.

Ken Walls says:

Great advice if you want to hit your 7 iron 150-160 yards and it will get you around the course keeping the ball in play. The pros hit their 7 iron 200 yards by firing the right hand at and through impact (Hogan's three right hands concept). The pros hit knock down shots by keeping their right hand inactive. Some guy invented a "snap" swing trainer a few years ago based (in his own words) on the action of Tiger hitting a knock-down iron shot and promoted the trainer as a full swing aid. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Two smooth swingers are prime examples, Fred Couples and Louie Oosthuizen. By his own words, Fred gives it ever thing he's got at impact. Watch Louie's swing in slow motion and tell me he is not firing the right hand at impact; his left arm almost collapses just after impact as the right arm straightens and right hand fires through. I seen a guy hit a golf ball 270 yards on his knees to prove this point. Don't for one second he did not fire his right hand through impact. So much disinformation about the golf swing out there I don't know how any of us play at all. Hitting a golf ball is just like any other sport, you have to work at it to be any good and it takes lots of reps and perfect timing (at impact) to play really well. Tom Brady has been throwing a football for 50 years (kidding) and he still works on improving his throwing motion religiously.

BRUCE2W says:

Great video,I'm working on fixing my golf grip so I can open and close my hands thru the shot like you showed..

ar halimi says:

Dear Sir .. correct me if i am wrong but i did hear somewhere that u r left handed – if it's true, u r doing a FINE FINE effort of coaching right handedly – & of coz, ur video content is marvellous. .. tQ Sir

Simon Barr says:

great piece of the puzzle ;-L Love it!

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