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Marques Brownlee says:


Zee M Kane says:

Ridiculously inspiring new commercial from @Nike. If ur a parent, it’s a
must watch. 

elykandrew1 says:

Greatest Nike Golf ad of all time

TCGwasHERE says:

I used to dislike Rory because everyone said he was the next Tiger. He
even took his video game from him. But it’s hard to hate him after seeing

Beau A says:

I need to stop watching youtube while cutting onions. 

Nick Bentley says:

This is a prime example of that hard work pay’s off..

WibK says:

The music is ‘Ludovico Einaudi’ by Nuvole Bianche.
Ludovico Einaudi is a great pianist, I urge anyone who likes this song to
listen to his other pieces.

TheApexHound says:


skerrybaz says:

Great ad, but a final pan down to a kid holding a plastic golf club
watching Rory and tiger walking together on TV would have been amazing!

Forrest Gump says:

Great ad.

Brian McMillan says:

Good timing by NIKE before the Masters. Woods and McIlroy head to head, I
hope it happens soon.

Alan Guilfoyle says:

I wish I knew we were going on a feeltrip…would have brought my lunch.

alfwok says:

Why would you want to show a guy who was fucking loads of women who weren’t
his wife as a role model? Oh yeah, to sell stupid people stupid shit made
by poor people who are worked to death and barely get paid. Pay no
attention to that man behind the curtain. Sorry if truth ruined the
commercial for you.

Andrew Gough says:

What an incredible message from Nike. Whether or not Rory actually
idolized Tiger like the commercial portrays, thousands of kids my (and
Rory’s) age grew up watching Tiger with the sense you were witnessing
greatness–it was something you were conscience of in those moments. I
don’t know that Tiger’s putting his sticks away any time soon, but to me
this ad is trying to say “we understand how you felt as a kid watching
Tiger, but the next generation of players is going to be just as great
BECAUSE of Tiger.” 

Gus Chiggins says:

this is fucking awesome

Emerson Ward says:

10,000 hours at its finest. 

Aaron Fitzpatrick says:

I think this is the greatest ad I have ever seen. Wow

Ryan McGee says:

This is awesome. 

Courtney Larkin says:

The song is called “Nuvole Bianche” in case anyone is wondering. Its a
fantasic piano piece. 

Simon bt says:


Black Prez says:

did he just call him kevin?

BiteAndChewFoodReview says:

I think I actually just shed a tear watching this, well done!

BlkJ19 says:

wasnt a fan of this one.

BrWithFMJ says:

what does tigers say at the end?

daniel reeve says:

rorys life in a nutshell

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