Road Trip Day one – York Golf Club

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Barry Robinson says:

Like the WW2 golf boys
Out in 39 back in 45 and spending most of the time in bunkers

Steve someone says:

Did you go in Evil Eye for a cocktail ? Great place for music people and a wall of alcohol ???

Gator Golf USA says:

Liam, do you use a fore wood! Cheers mate!

Beach Fraser says:

The Morecambe and wise of hobby golfers! You 2 are mustard!!

Randy Mahony says:

Looks like you had a great time. Tell Liam I feel his back pain, I've had 4 back surgeries , don't give up.

jpcoll2011 says:

These two make such a great collaboration. Excellent video with even greater banter.

Christopher Harper says:

I love this course but have never enjoyed it as much as watching you two. Great entertainment. Thank you.

Pat Rodgers says:

Andy; great video, did you purposely go in trees on a regular basis to cool down! but a superb course

Mr Kipling says:

Great Video gents, super high quality. Well done in that heat, you both did yourselves credit.

Birdies & Bogeys With Bazza says:

Top Vlog ??️?❤️?

andy cain says:

Great video guys

Three Off The Tee says:

Awesome as always. Y0u and Liam are comedy genius

Loving the content and the highs and the lows.

I'm on a similar journey as you'll know and I'm trying to do my "Quest for single figures" with product reviews and course vlogs. I'm getting a few hundred views per video but struggling to grow the channel and subscribers. Do you have any nuggets of wisdom you can share (thinking of offering a dozen Pro V's when I get to 100) but want know what I can do to get the word out there.

Any comments, positive or negative on my channel much appreciated. Keep up the good work and the great content and hopefully at some point we can get together somewhere for a game

Wayne Harris says:

Really like Teeuplo not sure about the people's golfer addition but will give it time. Just a couple of of questions, has Liam got a bad back, was it hot out there, is Liam from Bolton, and if you miss short what does that indicate? Maybe you could have a word.


Poor old Andy… squirrels, woodpeckers… if only he had hit a stray badger he would have hit the complete set. Blimey these videos are getting more and more arty every day. Music, jump cuts… have you been watching my videos on my arty channel.

Golf mad Fozzy says:

the woodpecker ???? great vlog! ??⛳?

Glen Ashton says:

Great vlog Andy and Liam, course looks lovely….

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