Rory McIlroy – 2018 U.S. Open – Round 1

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Rory McIlroy First Round Highlights from the 118th U.S. Open Championship at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.


Josh Shaffer says:

shit produced video

Jon Lanier says:

Did not make cut. But had a great last 9 holes.

Clu TheMan says:

Love Rory but there were no highlights at 10 over.

Jeff's RGU says:

POS plays golf with President Trump and then bitches about it later.  Hope he hits all the tall grass and water holes and misses the cut.

Leon Meleisea says:

Who likes tight pants …. ?! #justsaying

sumsar0125 says:

Crazy how this course is making world-class players look like 10 handicappers. Winning score could be very modest.

[동네골프]올마스터 says:

Korean Screen Golf

[ It's All Masters, an amateur community golfer.

The old game is two years old, and I enjoy the store competition.

Not enough, but I'd appreciate it if you enjoy it. ]

jung-il yoon says:

Go!Rory!!!Don't give up

Elite Scout says:

No commentary! No score! WTF IS THIS! Do they have 10 year old interns making these videos? PATHETIC

Austin C. says:

Could definitely go without the obnoxiously loud “swoosh” transitions.

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