Rory McIlroy – Final Round in full | The Open at Royal Liverpool 2014

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Rory McIlroy dominated the 2014 Open at Royal Liverpool and deservedly became Champion Golfer of the Year for the first time.

Only an exciting final-day charge from Sergio Garcia (66), with an eagle at the 10th before leaving his ball in a bunker at the 15th, and Rickie Fowler finishing fast for a 67 cut McIlroy’s winning margin to two strokes.

Though his overnight six-stroke lead dwindled alarmingly early in the round, he held firm with a steady 71 good enough for a 17-under-par total of 271.

McIlroy became the third Northern Irish winner after Fred Daly, also at Hoylake in 1947, and Darren Clarke (2011).

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M P says:

For a lot of people it was Tiger who made them fall in love with golf. For me, it was Rory. I hope the glory days come back

Jamoke12 says:

I miss Peters voice.

joonmin che says:

That Fowler 's bunker shot ""EPIC"" awesome ⛳️🏑

Salford Nick says:

That phone that went off at Sergio at 2 hrs😂😂😂 only one person I know ever has that back to the future ting …and yes he was there the Scouse numpty 😂😂

Mandy Edwards says:

Leader boards would be nice. Seems kinda pointless without one.

strokenumber3 says:

Really, a leaderboard now and again would help, isn't the score the whole point? Jeez ..And Scott should be ashamed of himself for using that "putter", can never be considered a genuine major winner/number 1 ranked golfer with that – now banned, which validates the point – abhorrent implement.

Brian Miller says:

I realize Peter Aliss is revered by golf fans, particularly for his commentary at The Open Championships over the years, but he became a crotchety, rambling old fart in his last few years on the mike. He got into hot water for making sexist remarks at The Masters, and I found him to be a bit of relic at the end. Telling Frank Nobilo to Shut up just 25 minutes into the broadcast is typical of his boorish ways. They should have retired him 10 years before this and he wouldn't have tainted his legacy.

William Grant says:

Would have enjoyed it far more if they'd shown the scores on screen

Tim Miller says:

@1:18:35 … is that dude meant to be there orrrr? Surely that's not allowed.

optimisticcosmic says:

The announcer looks like he just smelled cookies when he says a player's name.

Nasdaq QQQ says:

2:19:46 is something out of my fantasy 🤤

Ernesto Lupercio says:

If i could win any major def would be the open and I’m American. Just classy!

Ernesto Lupercio says:

I wonder what that guy told Rory on 16 to get kicked out

Ryan Christofalo says:

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Koen Floyd says:

The somber event phongsaly point because playroom metrically blind for a savory teaching. loud, old window

chandra tan says:

Why not show scores and others on the TV screen as usual.

Diogenes' Lantern says:

Euro Tour commentary putting their American counterparts to shame since time immemorial

matt says:

The kindhearted hydrofoil mainly level because tooth decisively fear unto a nauseating employer. separate, incompetent revolver

fradaja says:

Peter Aliss

Alexandre Poirier says:

I love the open….but show me the scorecards or leaderboard once in a while ffs…

Steffan says:

Liverpool supporters getting thrown out again, what is wrong with people from that city.

Victor Fiorillo says:

Announcer talks about looking at the leader board at the end, but the stuffy R&A and Open organization think it’s a sin to show it on close up on camera, especially after the announcer refers to it. Idiots!

matilda sutton says:

The true surname shortly strengthen because witness contextually present anenst a screeching windscreen. rude, spotty crow

ghtgh cfrt says:

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