Rory McIlroy hopeful The Open brings 'everyone together' in Northern Ireland | Open Championship

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Rory McIlroy speaks ahead of the 2019 Open Championship at Royal Portrush, where he’s hopeful The Open will bring the people of Northern Ireland together.

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Crescent City says:

Battle of Boyne


Someone should tell Rory to retire quietly, he is turning into an embarrassment to his people he is nothing but a washed-up Irish bum . His first round was a catalogue of errors , the guys confidence has gone he chokes all the time!!!!

TheDrumlinBoy says:

Right now Rory from a golfing perspective Shane is our man. Go for it Shane.

josh lomax says:

Chav won't win this year.

MAKO B says:

Then he has a stinking first round as usual

Adam says:

Holy Fuck that is a sexy Stone Island piece

Joey VanOstrand says:

Golf is a shit-ton of fun if you have at least a ball of crank to bring with you. And a cart. Gotta have a cart.

Andrew Thacker says:

Nice itโ€™s in Ireland.

First Last says:

I hope Tiger wins, then celebrates with a yacht full of hookers.

Futhi Johnson says:

We have not forgotten what you did to Wozz

Jordan says:


SambaPrince says:

Move over to R.O.I if your not happy with Northern Ireland

john ocarroll says:

Its Ireland there is no English Border anymore Lets enjoy it

Rssa aDKM says:

You know Rory Mcllroy I get that you should be making your own decision on who you represent but to say you don't care about them (your majority fan base) is lying because everyone does to a certain extent and idiotic

J K says:

*North of Ireland! ๐Ÿ™„

Alex Filter says:

First nigga

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