Rory McIlroy Plays Us With Only A 6 Iron

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Rory McIlroy was our first opponent for this year's one club challenge and he went with a 6 iron. Since he hits that club almost as long as most of us hit our drivers we were in for a real battle.

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David Son says:

Alright Frankie, one club everybody knows the rules

Mandy Edwards says:

I couldn’t stand his attitude at 18 and 19 but now he’s one of my favourite golfers.

Murphy's Aquatics says:

I enjoyed trying to figure out what all the muffled together conversations were. The dude with the deep voice is annoying as F. Sounded like Will Ferrel in oldschool..with dart in the neck.

Spencer B says:

It was really nice of Rory to play with those arrogant chumps.

JuckDeg says:

Damn someone in this video sounds like dana white 😅

Jim Butler says:

Rory appears to be a very cool character. Nice video!

Courtesy Records says:

360yds !!!!?????

TC TC says:

What a great guy Rory is, I have a lot of respect for him, not a big head, humble. 👍👏🙏

Electrical Stuff says:

Rory is one of the games good guys. Awesome player, love his rapport and demeanour.

Brian Johnson says:

5 golfers is a bit much

Grelmar says:

Suck up to Rory more boys !

Brendan says:

you'd think barstool would actually hire some good golfers for this channel 😂

I Dunno says:

Fucking chads. Foreplay? Really? That's a great name for your junior high band.

Change your style says:

I was smoking a blunt of some OG on the blue monster in Miami and Rory was like woooe lol 😂 and he sign my golf ball he was cool as shit

Morgan Mills says:

I swore I kept hearing Dana whites voice in this video. Lol.

ZBAR says:

This would be an amazing time

TimeBombCollectibles says:

Dog getting to his golf
Ball I’m the same

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