Rory McIlroy Recaps His Final-Round Bogey-Free 64 | The Masters

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Tom keane says:

Rory needs to realise he is just average

Verna Summerer says:

Next winner.

Francois Snijmann says:

Between Scotty, Collin and Rory there were 4 putts on the last hole…

Jon M says:

I hope veru soon Rory wins a Green jacket, nh deserves it, he's such a nice guy.

Tina Vaughn says:

He's a choker!

R Garcia says:

Is he working on converting to an American accent?

steven St.Romain says:

Also a question I would ask is “how does it make you feel to see another competitor like morikawa celebrate one of your shots in a moment like this” morikawa threw his hands up in pure joy to watch what you did on that last shot before making it for himself which is just incredible

steven St.Romain says:

Rory you are a boss sir. Played one of the greatest rounds I have got to witness live and the way you celebrated even knowing you didn’t have a chance to win and just pure joy of playing what you knew was an historical round was amazing. Thank you for providing the entertainment we expect from top tier golfers like yourself and hats off to that last shot. Watching you and morikawa be so gleeful was what golf is all about

Ian Poulter says:

A focused RMAC is a delight to watch 💪 🏆

Patts says:

Rory is such a great ambassador for golf!

Greg White says:

Such a thoughtful guy. In an age when most of these guys seem to say nothing that isn't PR approved, I always appreciate his candor when it comes to talking about his game and his process.

Driveway STAR says:

His accent is almost gone!

Steve Davies says:

Rory, grab a note pad and pencil… "Things I did that produced this result, things I didn't do that produced this result"… Write it all down, put it in your back pocket and see you in 362 days…

Mark L says:

Usual story Rory. You need to start winning bud. Your streets ahead on your day. Need to work harder.

R G says:

Nice to see Rory play golf like he used to. Over the last few years he’s become way too technical with every aspect of his game. I don’t believe that Pete Cowen was the right choice to help Rory. Who is Cowen anyway, a below average playing pro turned teaching pro, who could never help a superbly talented world class golfer such as Rory.
I truly believe that when Rory is confident and playing well, there is no one on the planet that can keep up with him. He is a natural golfing superstar and he needs to go and get those majors that are waiting for him. Come on Rory, stop worrying about your swing, and as John Daly used to say,
“Grip it and Rip it”!

Marv Kwia says:

If you can hit green from 150 yards and closer and be 4 to 5 feet away then only them will you put on the green jacket. I have cheered you for Years I want you to win but for last few years Rory you drive fantastic but second shot you far from pin your sand shot was beautiful but let's face it you should have been 4 feet from pin.

Jon Novrosk says:

Mr do nothing

Only Truth sets you FREE says:

Well done Rory! so awesome, so much talent man!!

AV zeolla says:

He’s grown into a wise young man with an old soul.

SC says:

I believe the point is not being aggressive but having fun. Scottie was obviously smiling most of time, having fun and… on the way to victory.

سیّدمحمّد زعفرانچی says:


Geoff Nelson says:

A lot of people would love to see Rory win the grand slam, I thought after 2011 that the scar would take years to heal, I really feel he is getting closer to blocking out the trauma.

Alban DB says:

Once dude figure out how to play major 1st round he ll get more 👍

Elyas Takla says:

if he had shaved before playing, he would shoot 61 and tie

Norge Repairs says:

Too bad he didn't start this run on Sat.
Great to see Rory have a superb round of golf !!

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