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In this week's Tech Tuesday we look at the breaking news that Rory McIlroy has signed for Taylormade

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Steven Hogan says:

Too bad they are not signing Caddies at the minute. I will wear the hat … have to work out the $$

Bob A Booey says:

They're also paying Tiger not to play, pretty nice of them.

andy o says:

pxg wedges; I'd expect a blow job every time I hit it for that price!

golf raven says:

I am not big fan of the sky rocking prices for wedges. JP (new Titleist golden wedge tinker) has his sitting at around 500$ per wedge and of course Parson had to top it. All I can imagine is that they want to sensitise golfers to believe it is OK to spend more than 200 bugs on one wedge – this will become a trend over next 2-3 years.
As for Rory, he had to jump on the band wagon and follow Tiger and join the big boys, likewise JDay had to join Nike. Big $ were just a stimulus. I would not be surprised if he was part of the investors group behind KPS. Likely the top TM stuff players (incl. Tiger, Rory, Rose, DJ, JDay, and maybe Sergio) grouped together and put their cash into the pot so they can get getter ROI on their contract fees. Why not just milk the cow while this is still alive. Cheers boys. I aint buying TM clubs any time soon.

Dave Mitchell says:

PXG is a joke, made for people who don't understand how to manage or spend money their clubs are not fantastic they are just Ping with another name. They are clubs people ,they have to meet the same certain specs and tolerances that all the other brands do sorry not seeing the magic here

folly four says:

Golf clubs are a rip off they cost hardly anything to produce and realistically the yearly cycle of new gear is not that much better than the previous years model. I work in engineering and produce items that are forged steel and weigh up to 450 kg with lots of design work and actual machining and testing and each item costs less than your average set of irons from these rip off companies. Problem is we are all gullible and are all taken in by the marketing spiel.

Mickey Hughes says:

Hi Peter, late tech Tuesday question please. Midsize grips or Standard with 2 wraps. Can I have your thought. Many thanks Mickey

John Rutter says:

players equipment had no impact on my purchase. went cobra one length for consistency. and tested all major brands of woods but went with cobra too just a coincidence but they felt the best. zero consideration went into what pros use what

Cory Calbert says:

Mate, I'm a massive fan but for English natives I would have thought you would be able to know the difference between preform and perform.

Yourself and rick always say preform and you actually mean perform. Am I missing something or are you not pronouncing the word properly?

Jon Don says:

£75 million deal beyond belief.. how much will that change the price of clubs?

Mark Coyle says:

$800 for a wedge ???? Who in there right mind would pay $800 for a wedge ??? Just soumds CRAZY

Benjamin Arnold says:

Personally I think this is a good move for Rory, hopefully he can get some more wins in the bag!

gareth birrell says:

Pxg are an absolute joke ?

gareth birrell says:

Seemingly he's still using a odyssey model putter until they build a spider specifically for him ???

Mrbigolnuts says:

the blades look great, love the ribbed gun barrel look!

Cody Tietje says:

Nike, Ping engineering!!! Sounds interesting, ready to see what comes of this!! Congrats to Rory, he's the definition of class, well deserved!!! Great luck to you Pete on tomorrow's qualifying!!!

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