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Rory McIlroy is a once in a generation talent, and has established himself as one of the best drivers of the golf ball on the planet. In this quick tip, he gives you one of his best pieces of advice on how to set yourself up for success off the tee. Using the all-new Stealth Driver from TaylorMade Golf, Rory shows how a few simple ball position and posture fixes can get you hitting up on the ball for longer and straighter golf shots.

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Pieter Badenhorst says:

This has genuinely helped straighten out my drives thanks👍

joe bacarella says:

If I coiled and uncoiled like Rory, I would be in surgery the next morning, incredible.


In fact everyone has a born capability of swinging like Rory. Unfortunately however people do not know how to activate their born software printed in neuromuscular system of human body. If Rory’s mind exactly understands that human software, he will better remove misshots at critical moments.

James Maloney says:

If you can’t hit a drive, don’t hit it. It’s helped me.

Joseph M Phiri says:

Well done Rory

7y13r5c077 says:

Never heard of this technique for hitting driver! Thanks!

quannga99 says:

That’s how I do it. Yea ha!

Txrbo-_- says:

man I hit 200 now this a big fact

Ashley Leek says:

Anyone know the name of the shirt? Obviously Nike but… I can’t find it anywhere

David Keppler says:

1. Go to the gym. Strength > flexibility.
2. Quit you're job.
3. Spend every last penny on lessons.
4. Practice every day.
5. Pay thousands of dollars to have your mechanics matched to the optimal club angles and ball specs.

6. Don't do any of this because it's unrealistic and Mayne just try to have a fun with the game.

Let's face it, you're never going pro.

Ryan Adamczak says:

Buy a Velocore Shaft.

Nicholas Dante McGee says:

Doesn't get easier than that

Scott Park says:

Woah, this is definitely new! Thanks Taylor Made

Iridium X says:

Best golf swing in the past 30 years in terms of beauty (competing perhaps only with Scottie, early Tiger and early Ernie)… ? I reckon Freddie C preceded Rory in terms of swing grace. People raved about the Elk but I never understood it.

Traditional Bowhunter says:

300 yard carry….man that’s a golf swing. Perfect.

antonio says:

I’ve gained 50 more yards… by letting my friend hit my drives for me!

webbdelasteve says:

"I try to just stay in this position…" Should have been a big red flashing screen when he said.

しょっく says:


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