Rory McIlroy's Stock Yardages | TaylorMade Golf

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Stover Sports says:

With that swing any other YouTube golfer posting their stock yardages would say that drive is going about 400 and the 8 iron around 250😂😂

Eddie Flickinger says:

Giver Rory the Paradym Callaway irons 🤣

Murph says:

His 8 iron is my 5 iron😕

Mark Staudinger says:

It’s funny, I used to have a 14 Handicap at my best and had all the same distances. Distance isn’t everything, Hahah.

Freedom55 says:

Your score card doesn’t care what club you hit.

John Q says:

If I swing hard I can hit a 45° 150 yards and a driver over 300 but I can only hit a 5 wood 215-225 and a 4 iron about 185. I'm really curious what the length and loft of his clubs are.

08jag80 says:

TM iron lofts are one club strong

Geoff Li says:

When they display these yardages, do they mean total or just the carry?

saijinkai says:

There's no way this is his stock, it gotta be longer than this.

Gasper Starina says:

From 8 iron down its actually average…but i guess thatswhy he evolved his game to shob bombs with woods and long irons…the time when he was working just on distances, he lost the feeling for short game…so i guess he went for the distances to 6 iron and down he went for accuracy

Wayne Smith says:

His left heal is firmly attached to middle earth… even on this drive…my all time favorite swing

FordF says:

Very similar to my own give or take 70 yards or so 👍🏻

Ben C says:

My driver is the only distance that is less then his, My average is 290

Nicholas Szegho says:

Technology is ruining professional golf. What’s with pro golfers hitting 5 woods and 7 woods. No one should be getting paid millions to hit a 7 wood

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