Ryder Cup 1993 Faldo vs Azinger 18th hole

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MrAJR76 says:

Europe’s only home defeat in the last 30 years, and it was horrible.
Remember it so well. We needed Rocca to hang on against Love, but somehow
you just knew he wasn’t really up to the job.

MrAJR76 says:

@andrewcray2 1981 to 2011 is thirty years – I’m not including 1981 itself!
But speaking of nine-point drubbings I bet you guys would love to forget
Detroit in ’04, and Ireland ’06 for that matter.

MrAJR76 says:

There’s nothing sweeter than raucous US fans going quiet. Oakland Hills ’04

enjoi1403 says:

haha so true ! and the americans are douchebags when they got the lead but
in the end its the europeans that pulls thru

Andrew Cray says:

@MrAJR76 I believe you forgot 1981 and the drubbing you guys took at Walton

luckybestwash says:

British fans shutting the fuck up. I LOVE IT.

drewster85 says:

U S A! U S A!! U S A !!!

chaz palimatri says:

shut up, both of ya. Australia rocks.

KAF128 says:

. . such tasteful American knitware in those days !

crisisofconsciousnes says:

faldo = arrogant donkey

YouTouchYourMum says:

Bet you Yanks are still crying after sunday? Ha ha tough shit. Boohoo

PGASpellissy says:

I thought it was awesome, Love’s putt on 18 was so clutch.

azapro911 says:

Ah yes, I see you definitely made that comment before Medinah. How’d long
overdue American humility feel?

KAF128 says:

shouldn’t Azinger have been penalized for those 4 team-mates lying down
looking at his line for him as he was putting – LOL !?

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