Ryder Cup 2011 Hilarious 1st Tee. Rory McIlroy vs Stuart Ci

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Calum Bavin says:

@merkus2305 I love reading that comment nowadays, don’t you? Makes me

Merkus2305 says:

We’ve got tiger (14 majors) you’ve got pussy whipped rory

VillaPrepared says:

I bet thats the British they love a good sing-song Crazy fuckers

SocialAssasin says:

weve got big dicks youve got little dicks

Kent Black says:

protruding from your foreheads maybe

Rich Griffiths says:

Oh yeah, that sounds like Poulter alright lol

Martin Underhay says:

@davidcheers no I don’t think your an asshole, you just don’t get the sense
of humour! Not many Americans do!!! You just keep shouting youuuuu essasss
ehhhhhh all the time and giving it the big one!!!

foxysham says:

Save the rubbish for Anfield you morons. Bah!

Ryan Flynn says:

Shit, yeah i missed that random 2011 Ryder Cup too ha ha! But yeah, does
sound like Poults!

ccfc29 says:

this was a euro man and america lost

yankeesfan9090 says:

Is this the same guy who yells Mashed Potatoes.. this is classic

Guy Stirling says:

@COWofHACKNEY shut it you.

DJ Smith says:

No jokes that guy is my friends bro

101Gamplay says:

You got big macs we got little macs!

lacoste10156 says:

Well the fact it isn’t played every year shows just how much you know.
Comment invalid

AidennM says:

tim baker above the guy in the white taylormade hat at 0:20 !!

beast95117 says:

Fuckin Brits. Gotta lov them:)

ccfc29 says:

fuck off you.

Lee Mac says:

does any1 else think that the dude shoutin out at we got little mac sounds
extremely like Ian Poulter??

Yuuyan says:

how come i never saw this….lol w/e even Stewarts laughing:D

tcfizz555 says:

Shit, I must have missed the random Ryder Cup in 2011


@atoomey212 You’ve obviously never been to the ryder cup..

George Daniels says:


vitomon1 says:

proven again in 2012!! go EUROPE!

Joshman775 says:

As long as the Americans keep winning this every year, I don’t care what
they shout from the stands.

iVanHalen666 says:

I speak good English but I don’t quite understand what that guy shouts. Can
anybody explain me what is it, and why is it so hilarious to the crowd :P?
Thanks in advance.

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