Ryder Cup 2014 Press Conference Highlights | Golf Channel

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Mafiawl says:

Phil Mickelson let the side down. So disrespectful and disloyal.

Gregory Ho says:

Technically and mentally, the Europeans are by far the more superior team.
No offence but in all honesty Team USA is filled with guys that only know
how to bomb the ball long but aren’t as all-rounded golfers as much as the

Margaret McGill says:

I think the asians and the aussies should join the USA in the ryder cup to
give us Europeans a match. haw haw.

Gregoryt700 says:

Mafia wl – well well. Now the truth comes out on why Mickelson spoke as he
did. Watson is a first-rate ass

Elliott Ashwell says:

These guys are really cookie cutter imo. 

notsuretwo says:

Phil expressed an opinion. That’s ok. Golf can survive dissenting

Gregoryt700 says:

Disagree on Mickelsen. He made some fair points. Watson clearly made some
bad calls, from captain’s picks to Fri/Sat pairings. Results speak for
themselves, guys 

Paul Dirac says:

Michelson was really low class. Poor loser.

Gregoryt700 says:

And if anyone was a bit arrogant, it was Watson 

Strobe Lite says:

FIGJAM, Crying over spilled milk, probably supplied by Dean foods… LOL

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