Ryder Cup Memories David Howell

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Ryder Cup Memories David Howell Ryder Cup Memories David Howell. Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and PGA professionals talks with Ryder Cup two timer David Howell about some Ryder Cup memories. Filmed at the Wales Open a week before the Ryder Cup 2014 at Gleneagles this is part 1 of Mark's Ryder Cup memories series.

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The Simple Game says:

Hey Mark, what about a history between you and Matthew? Also, why not a
video (or series) speaking on your golfing days, tournaments, and all the
good stuff. I’m sold!

Dewey Adkins says:

Mark, we’ve got to see a picture of you with ginger hair. Please upload a
picture of yourself from back in the day in an upcoming video. Preferably
you and some friends together so all us viewers can have a where’s Waldo
moment! PLEASE!! Everyone thumbs up if you wanna se Mark with hair. Tweeter
bomb time! Let’s see that noggin Waldo!

Richard Gaule says:

Love it ! Are there many more to come?

Christopher Chedzoy says:

This video is class, love the opening line!!

MrMark1304 says:

Mark morphed into George Dawes when the hat came off! 

Railerik says:

Mark I love your videos, but damn you’re bad at interviews. You don’t let
him talk, feels like you want to be the spotlight of the video, although if
you interview someone, they should be.

Other than that good stuff.

i Mc says:

I think you need to tell us more of your history with mr. Howell, did your
paths cross dukeing it out as juniors?

matt smith says:

Mark is a ginger??? #Gingers4Life

Stompy77 says:

Wait, Mark’s a ginger??? You learn something new everyday.

Joshua Rainey says:

I think that was the first time we’ve seen Mark without the hat on.. #MyEyes

Steve Reed says:

This was excellent, nice to see. Mr Howell is one of the good guys I like
listening too on Sky, seems balanced and talks sense.

Michaud Venant says:

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!?! I didn’t wan to see
that! LOL

Per Olofsson says:

Stop interrupting MARK…… Geez, let him finish

Mytim34 says:

I think that without the hat n specs, most of us wdnt recognise him.

jon walsh says:

The cap finally comes off! 

Steve Taylor says:

grow a beard free the ginger ;)

Stuart Macphee says:

David Howells, 1 of golfs good guys. Pleased to see him getting a bit of
form back after all his injury problems. Really good on the box as well. 

Max Gauthreaux says:

Will you be interviewing any members of Team USA?

Steven Murata says:

Great interview, David Howell seemed to be into it. Not your typical boring
one. Plus he got that cap off in a flash!

Strat TelePaul says:


Bulldognm says:

Mark, bald is beautiful!! Real men dont need hair! Plus, us bald guys dont
have to spend 1000’s of dollar’s each year on hair stuff. Can you imagine
how much the Buzz Man must spend on his giant dome!! ;)

mon blue says:

David Howell course vlog?

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