Ryo Ishikawa Golf Swing (Side and Back) @ 2009 US PGA

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Ryo Ishikawa at the 2009 US PGA Championship practice range at Hazeltine National Golf Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota – www.iseekgolf.com

Download a HD version here – http://forums.iseekgolf.com/forums/12-golf-talk/topics/34156-ryo-ishikawa-swing-side-and-back-2009-us-pga


Ryan Barber says:

Most flawless swing on the pga tour in my opinion

Woo Chang says:

he has such a unusual grip. his right thumb and his left forefinger are in funny positons but i really like his golfswing. i hope he ll become a great player and wins some majors to.

13755md says:

All the pro's have such an immaculate golf swing, but if you were getting paid to hit golf balls you would too. I wish I had more time to play! Just would like to have half of any pro swing! Amazing swing!

pandatanto415 says:

its like a longer version of tigers '93 swing

TerrorSquadLaxer says:

@hmor333 Ha good looks I heard he's a rock star in Asia

charlie smith says:

He seems quite across the line at the top of the second swing?

SoftBank47 says:

1:23 Take a look at that reverse C. If he keeps that up, he's gonna have mad back problems later in his career unless he's as flexible as a rubber band.

Chris Bisson says:

lol the smoke in the top right must have been from bubba watson… Bombing golf courses like its his day job… oh wait it is 😛

thestuvylives says:

@atoomey212 agreed. i dont care if you shoot 58 and win a million times on the japan tour. come on, they play like 6500 yds golf courses. plus that swing needs a little work. although his across the line position reminds of an early tiger from the amateur and 97 masters days just not with the same power.

Nsnuccio says:

Thanks for all your videos, they are fantastic!

thegolfman666 says:

He is gonna be a massive star. Check out my golf skills

Escapetehfate says:

i want those pants

Danny Wojtak says:

good player. closed clubface comin back

Hojae Lee says:

Does he play a fade or draw

julian bosi says:

i hate his back swing

Jay Mango says:

the GOlf channel the other day say that ROry admires Ryo very much so Ryo must be good somehow. Ryo is very natural though. It works for him and he his a GREAT putter

raphtm says:

I totally agree with @lokelani525. Rory's swing is pure. Very simple. Very on plane. Transition is great. He does spin out a little bit. Super fundamental and very advanced with swing mechanics for his age. In fact, he had a better swing than Tiger when Tiger was the same age. But then again Tiger won his first damn major at 21. Ryo on the other hand is still very young.If he finds a good pro who really understands swing mechanics, he could possibly be a great golfer with a great swing.

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