Saunton West Golf Course Part 2

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Saunton West Golf Course Part 2 in North Devon with Mark Crossfield, Kevin Harper playing against James Pickard and Steve Buzza. Watch as the gang take on this classic golf links and try to battle against each other and the elements. See who hits the longest drives, best irons and hole the putts in this golf on course vlog.

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Golfguy076 says:

Mark doesn’t take it as well as he dishes it out

evanc1974 says:

3 average players and a god-like figure named James

Justin Mayo says:

Crossfield man ya gotta cut down on the jabbing when others are prepping.
Nobody talks when you are at address. Come on man!

Eduardo Saldaña says:

we want LOCKEY #LockeyArmy 

Ratbacon says:

Mark not taking it as well as giving it today #grumpyfield

ThatCynicalBrit says:

Crossfield, you’re starting to ruin your own videos. Have some etiquette 

burtonsb145 says:

I watch this just to see mark play badly. And he seriously can’t take
it…..should keep his mouth shut if he can’t take it back

tickler01 says:

mark is such sook. cant handle it when he makes a mistake or someone else
does something good. continues to take the piss out of everyone but has a
cry when he cops it.

Patrick Kelly says:

Mark it doesn’t matter where the mic is ! You talk through everyone’s pre
shot routine. You have no idea about etiquette. Reply with any excuse you
like we all know your just a sook that can’t hack a bad round 

JimmyJimmy says:

loving this course

Mike Reiter says:

Such harsh comments, if you don’t like Mark then don’t watch. Seems simple
to me!

Phill Rudd says:

A lot of haters on these comments. Don’t people understand its humour and
banter amongst friends who don’t take it too seriously?
C’mon then parfield & friends make the next match a battle golf special
with oob fairways. 

gbvoul says:

Can see now why Mark isn’t on tour. 

The Simple Game says:

lol! Man, I love you mark, you’re the best 🙂 I would love to just follow
and watch you guys, that would be an awesome experience.

burtonsb145 says:

Always someone else’s fault mark. Read your comments and reign your neck
in. Or the hate in comments will become more and more

wibble entity says:

Quotes from Girlfriend…..”they jabber on a lot”……”He seems to think a
lot of himself”…. :)

nesnahmik says:

Pickard=Eaglemachine 🙂 Keep’em coming

ziim911 says:

without lockey its half interesting…

Jer H says:

I love the course vlogs, just wish mark wasn’t in them!! The man does no

Steve Reed says:

Loving the banter Crossfield (and the others), proper round of golf with
mates. This isn’t the PGATours guys, #banter #makegolffun

See Bee says:

Great stuff, love it ! so many moaners about etiquette, if the people
playing aren’t bothered then why are you? #golfs-nobs.

Chris Campbell says:

What shoe is Pickard wearing?

Michael Zak says:

Mark has got to mature a bit on the course. Let people hit their fu_cking
shot without running your mouth the whole time. At least give them 10
seconds of quiet. Have your ever seen a Tour Pro talking while someone is
in their preshot routine? I love the channel, but it’s called etiquette

Nikegolf19 says:

Don’t let the haters get you down Mark! Don’t understand friendly
banter..nothing mean spirited

Carl Incledon says:

I don’t get all the moaning on here…..These vlogs are about a group of
friends taking the mickey out of each other whilst showing everyone some
different courses. There’s no money on it- it’s supposed to be fun.
I think this is by far the best golf available to watch- better than Sky
and far better than anything on Youtube.
Keep up the sledging!

Craig Hopcroft says:

I’m afraid if I played golf with you my clubs would end up bent……Round
your neck!!

HylomantisLemur says:

I hate it when you duff a shot and all your mates laugh. You see the funny
side but at the same time you just want to scream!

Aidan Fowler says:

I have a crush on Pickard’s swing

Donna Myers says:

No lockey no likely

Andy Gordon says:

What irons is Kev Harper using?

Nathan Cates says:

Why does everyone give Mark a hard time in the comments? I just see 4
friends out golfing and having a bit of friendly smack talk (banter I
suppose you UK folks would call it). Keep up the good work guys! Love the
videos. Where’s Lockey Magic??? 

P-M Meiners says:

When you guys announce where you will play next time I’m sure it will as
crowed as it is during Ryder Cup. Great stuff!!!

Barry Oakland says:


burtonsb145 says:

I bet behind his back and when he’s not around the others patience do run a
bit thin with mark

robocop30301 says:

Great video! Very entertaining! Nice putt at the end there Buzza!

Nick Usher says:

I can’t seem to stop listening to Mark at 28:11

Chance Snyder says:

Dont listen to them Mark I for one enjoy all of your guys’ banter back and

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