Science of Golf: Course Setup

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cwif rbm says:

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Chosen1One says:

Fair? LMAO they dont care about fair and they have proven this time and time again

Don't panic says:

Why don't they play together? It's golf. If fat old men can win, why can't a fit woman win. This isn't combat sports.

B Canada says:

People at the golf courses are always good at maintaining a refined golf course that's easy to use in all weather. Good way to enjoy nature, design & curb appeal

Jeff Armstrong says:

How many times have the USGA screwed up the set up of the course?

SantaDog81 says:

We have none of this at the course I work at. Drop the pin not too close to the fringe, and don't drop a pin in the middle of a slope, or on top of a bump.

W R Butler says:

Sorry USGA, you have a lot of thought, intellect, and science going into your courses, but when you're forced to bring out a crew to hand water several greens DURING A TOURNAMENT ROUND you're clearly doing something very very wrong.

The Mad Mick says:

When they say “fair test” it’s subjective.🤣

Johnny Penso says:

Wait, the stimpmeter is raised by hand and doesn't have a fixed height? That doesn't make any sense.

joapps says:

Some of those measuring instruments can involve human error/influence. I can imagine fairly easy fixes to make them more accurate and consistent. Why they haven't made such fixes already…who knows

Randsurfer says:

All this cool technology can't fix stupid.

ITS_OVER says:

Reaching out everywhere for my brother, I don't care anymore …he has cancer and he needs help I love him

Star Fox says:

this all seems a bit extreme. One of the advantages to links golf I suppose.

mt89 says:

Greens that are super fast are sh*t greens

Hack To Scratch Golf says:

I consider my home course pretty fair. But it could be super hard if they tucked pins and grew the rough and sped up the greens even more then they already are

Turf88 says:

omg i will stick to athletic fields.

Sean Harvey says:

USGA couldn't set up a piss-up in a brewery. That's why The Open is and always will be the no.1 major in golf.

isctony says:

In the interest of equality, men and women should really be playing from the same tee boxes now. It's like a female football field is smaller than a males or a female sprinter runs 80 yards to male 100 in the olympics. a tennis court is a tennis court – I could go on!

Will Robinson says:

US Open is a joke. Pinehurst was cool though.

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