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SCOTTY CAMERON 2018 SELECT RANGE, Mark Crossfield and the gang review the new Scotty Cameron 2018 Select Range of putter. Listen to what Scotty himself says about the new range of putter and who they could help you enjoy and maybe lower your score this year. Play your best golf with the best golf equipment for your game with Mark' fun FREE golf videos for all golfers.

Scotty Cameron Putters have and are used by some of the worlds best golfers from Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth.

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Heinrich Bandat says:

Yes please! I want one!

Ton Berkhout says:

Yes, I definitely would!

James Hollenden says:

Hell yes I want one !!!

jay rode says:

Mark I'd pass on the Scotty only because I'm not going to change from my own Scotty.

Jimmy McCracken says:

Toulon vs. Scotty would be a cool face off video

Paul Michaels says:

Check out the emperor's new putter

Paul Michaels says:

The key to being a salesman whether it be a 40000 dollar car, 8000 dollar putter or 10 dollar ☕is to believe 150% of the shit that spews out of your mouth

e james says:

the only putter that's ever come close to matching the sexiness of an "8802/designed by palmer" is….the cAmeron newport.

I. Army says:

People will spend £300 upwards on a driver an use it maybe 9-10 times a round,
Yet a putter used at least 32-36 times a round an they wont spend over £50 lol

Charlie Guidry says:

Kitchen looks awesome, brah

Ridgey says:

Hell yeah I would take a free one.

Derek Johnson says:

I like the color grading changes!

HawksFan5884 says:

Got a question for a Scotty Cameron aficionado…
About 12-15yrs ago while playing a round w/ my grandpa I tried 1 of his friends Scotty Cameron. From what I remember of the club it was a traditional blade style putter, it had a tan grip & a black club head (or putter head). The distinguishing feature that I remember is the weight of the club wasn’t balanced at all. The putter face or club head was much heavier, making the putter noticeably bottom heavy. I’ve used several Scotty Cameron’s & owned a couple since then, but never had one that felt like that.
My question is, is there a Scotty Cameron model that’s produced regularly that’s known for having a heavier putter head like that, or was it just that years club? I really loved the feel of that putter

John Baldwin says:

Love the Scotty Cameron putters…rented one twice and I can't putt with my old putter anymore.

Justin Dials says:

I would take one for sure the price is what keeps me from having them

Don Altemus says:

Scotty’s are absolute art and heavenly to the eye! I want to start collecting them for artwork in my house and bar so people can drool over them. As far as actual golf give me an odyssey any day over a Cameron. Scotty’s in my hand feel like crap IMO.. no offense Cameron players.

Scott Halstead says:

I would like to thank you Mark. After about 15 years of being out of golf has made me decide to actually go get fitted for a set of clubs and not just go willy nilly and buy a set on my own. I actually tested quite a few clubs and found that I hit the Taylormade P-790 the best out of about 10 different brands. I really wanted a set of Titleist, but the Taylormade just felt good and I hit it consistently the best, must have been the “Speedfoam” lol. I did however strike the Vokey wedges the best and will be buying a set of those. Have a wonderful day.

Scott Halstead says:

I would use one. Can’t wait for the Concept X to come out.

Jeremy Fortune says:

even as nice as they are… I have NEVER changed my putter, its the same Golfsmith I was given for free when I started at age 10 (its got an old Super Stroke 3.0 grip now). I have bought and tried 10-12 others but never kept them. Just hard to beat my old Golfsmith. I have been made fun of for 25 years over that putter but it works. I would love a custom Scotty Cameron *Just to look at in my office*

Yukon Living says:

Yes, absolutely. A Scotty Cameron on my long term wish list.

Gareth Jones says:

For sure they are the most overrated putters ever, so many I've tried lack feel… My Never Compromise Dinero Baron is without doubt the best putter I've owned, after around 10 Scottys..!

Mark Dean says:

I would try anything, but do love my odyssey versa #7

Impair says:

Free Scotty? Uhhhh YES PLEASE!

stacy van klaveren says:

I bought mine for $150 used when in college. That was 20 years ago. Still have it and love it. I love the CRAFTMANSHIP 🙂 Truly the gift would be used and loved.

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