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SCOTTY CAMERON PHANTOM X PUTTERS reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield golf professional. mark hits and testes the new Phantom X putters from scotty and talks about the new feel and looks from this compact and smart looking mallet range of putters. Make the most of your golf game with simple and easy to follow golf tips golf videos and golf drills from Mark Crossfield's YouTube channel.

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Kboy1983 says:

Really wanted to like the 5.5, but sounds like a tin can when struck & doesn’t feel much better. Also why does SC insist on bringing out rubbish versions of what the tour guys have. Look at Justin Thomas’ circle T 5.5 & you’ll know what I mean.

Cinnamon Mon says:

Funny that Parfield leads off saying he’s a Scotty fan, I never saw him use one until he got the Titleist deal, admittedly haven’t seen every upload but I’ve seen ping, mizuno and a variety of odyssey used but never a Scotty

mister corgi says:

So pleased that Scotty is making a center-shafted putter again! Using a 2013 GoLo S, i know when i miss it's on me not my Scotty. Excellent reviews, Mark…

Anderson Davis says:

Where can you buy one of these

yousaidwinglikeabirdswing says:

Heard daily inside the Scotty Cameron research department "what are odyssey doing… ok let's just do that"

BeachBow says:

$$$ I'll wait a year and maybe upgrade then.

trionzking says:

Cheap looking, susceptible to damage and marking and the feel is awful. Scotty Cameron putters for the public have not been the same since around 2008

Kate Seguin says:

Mark, I had a chance to roll a few of the New Phantom X putters, and walked away loving the X 6 STR. A couple of years ago at a Titleist putter fitting , I was told that I had a straight back and through stroke. More so that the fitter claim that it was better than most pro's on the tour. He said a well balance putter should work well for me. This is the first time I ever used a center shafted putter and felt like I couldn't miss at all. Looking to have a little custom work done (new grip and shaft band). Thanks for the review.

jacob cook says:

Too bad everyone is buying Spider X Mallets instead.

Mike Worrell says:

Went to the titliest day at silver mere. Purchased the 8. Really liked it, line up lines were a real game changer for me. Changed the grip though. Will that make a difference?

Chris Robinson says:

Really didn't want to like these but just tried the Phantom X 5 at my local American Golf and really impressed. Felt high tech as very light and stable and as Mark says an unusual feel. Firm, clicky and responsive but in a good way. Similar to the Bettinardi. Definitely a contender. ?

Wes Hughes says:

Solid review mark cheers ive put the 6 in the bag absolutely love well balanced feels great just one thing that bugs me why doesnt scooty have magnet head covers the valcro can scratch the heads anyway just a thought cheers

Jack Lock says:

When are these being released in the UK? Can't find them for sale anywhere…..

Scott Dreyfus says:

Hey pro your left shoulder is open to the target. That center shaft is calling my name

HKR Golf says:

That black looks like it'll scratch up nicely…

Bruce Frank says:

Wish they make these with a slant neck with more toe hang. Other manufacturers are… Ping Tyne for example.

Steven Jumper says:

I only have one problem with these, and it’s the yellow color. Just don’t fancy it much

David Webster says:

I love the old school look and feel of the Napa putters but not many manufacturers make them anymore. Please ask Scotty are there any plans to release a new one in their range in the future.

Ryan Jones says:

Would love him to do something without sight lines, a centre dot at the most !

Colin Bevan says:

check your shoulder alignment very open just what I see

Scott Smith says:

We are very intelligent creatures and will make anything work and adjust to whatever we have on hand. That being said, the center-line putters are by far the easiest to adjust to and if they are well balanced, they will give us the greatest aide when we are nervous or don't quite have the speed down. I've been using a Wilson center-line putter for about 10 years now and each year, when the spring finally comes around, it just feels natural and rolls very well, I only need to adjust to the speed.

Graham Rolton says:

What will happen to the brand when Scotty retires or passes away?

P-M Meiners says:

Love them. Still with my center shaft Scotty GoLo. I would be interested to know how much the groves on the face of a putter makes a difference. What are the best groves?
Thanks bruh again a great vlog. You’re treating us ?

John Donnelly says:

Great set of putters again

Matthew Croad says:

Nice looking putters. I would never part from my baby lol

Adrian says:

poor custom shop 🙁
i love scottys but find these very sharp looking or something not my favourite of their ranges

Graham T says:

Great looking designs. Love the colour contrast. All available left handed ?? Have they gone for a single face for stability compared to the insert variety’s?

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